Be internet Citizens

Helping young people tackle online bias, stereotyping and misogyny. 

Be Internet Citizens is a education programme by YouTube – inspiring young people to have a positive voice online. 

The unit of work gives 13-16 year-olds a solid basis and the self assurance to express their identities, share their stories, have an impact on society, and unite communities. 

Download ready-made lessons

Three new adapted downloadable lessons from the unit of work centre around unconscious stereotyping, bias and how these opinions can form online. They can be used to focus on issues such as misogyny. 

Each lesson can be taught individually or as part of a sequence. You could use them for tutor group or personal development time, as part of a PSHE curriculum, adapted as a school assembly, or as a student intervention.

The slides are editable and the speaker notes can guide your teaching and discussions. Click to access below.

Lesson 1: Bias

Lesson length: 35 minutes

Resources required: A4 and flip chart paper and pens, images of relevant celebrities 

Description: This lesson looks at conscious and unconscious bias. Students explore and discuss a range of photos of familiar people in the public eye without filtering their thoughts. It introduces the concept of unconscious bias, as well as misogyny. 

An image of balance scales to represent bias.

Lesson 2: Us Vs Them

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Resources required: A4 and flip chart paper and pens

Description: Students work in two opposing teams with different skill sets and are challenged to discuss why their team should be chosen for a special mission. This demonstrates how quickly Us Vs Them-styles of stereotyping can happen. 

2 fists fist bumping.

Lesson 3: Stereotyping

Lesson length: 50 minutes

Resources required: A4 and flip chart paper and pens

Description: Students learn about different types of stereotyping: filter bubbles, echo chambers and misogyny. A large part of lesson time is spent on misogyny, discussing it and exploring ways it can be tackled. 

An hand with pointing finger.

Complete unit of work

The Be Internet Citizens curriculum explains and explores many more themes. It can be used alongside a teacher presentation that has activities from the unit of work in to present in your classroom. You can download these below.