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Ollee: Frequently asked questions

What is Ollee?

Ollee is a virtual friend for children aged 8-11 that helps them think about how they’re feeling, then seek the support of their parents or another trusted adult.

Ollee offers advice and support children can save for later or share with trusted adults. Parents can also use it to get advice about subjects they think their child might need extra support with.

Ollee was created by Parent Zone and funded by BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative, which aims to make a difference to children’s emotional wellbeing.


Who can use Ollee? 

Ollee is aimed at children aged 8-11 and their parents or other trusted adults. Children outside of those ages can use it, but the advice is tailored for this age group.


How can I access Ollee?

Ollee is a web app – which means you can use it on any web browser that has an active internet connection. Simply head to


How do I use Ollee?

There’s a full guide to using Ollee in the app. It covers how to find advice, how to set up an account, how to add a linked account and much more. We’ve also created a video showing the key features


What is The Ollee Help Hub?

The Ollee Help Hub is a directory of organisations and services which can provide specialised help. There’s also a page for children. Each page is organised by subject, so that you can easily find the right link. There's also a selection of emergency contacts and crisis helplines.


Do I have to pay to use Ollee?

No, Ollee is free to use. Just visit the link in a browser and you can start.


Do I need an email address to use Ollee?

Ollee works best when you have an account – and for that, you need an email address. With an account, you can save advice to read later, customise how Ollee looks and easily share advice with another user via linked accounts.

You can use Ollee without an account, but you won’t be able to share or save advice, and any changes you make to how Ollee looks will disappear when you finish using it.

Find out more about how we’ll use your email address in the Terms & conditions page in the Ollee app.


I’m a teacher – can I use Ollee in the classroom?

Absolutely. We’ve created a lesson plan to support the ‘Physical health and mental wellbeing’ section of primary schools’ RSE curriculum. You can download it by registering here


Are there any Ollee resources for parents?

In the Parents’ area of the Ollee Hub you’ll find a selection of articles to help you support your child’s emotional wellbeing. 


Can I give you feedback about Ollee?

Yes, if you have any feedback or questions about Ollee you can email us:


Anything else I need to know?

No, that’s it. We hope you enjoy using Ollee and find the app helpful. 

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