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Online Media Literacy is an essential skill. 

But it’s not always the easiest thing to explain – let alone teach. 

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An interactive education programme for schools

Resilient Families is designed for educators and other family professionals. It works as part of a Computing or RSE curriculum – or as a single intervention for children, parents or families.

Interactive video-based lessons explore digital spaces and relationships for primary and secondary ages. A supporting adult course helps parents feel more confident in how to support their child – with ways to spot or deal with problems if things go wrong.

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A resilience-based approach to online safety

The programme can help a family or community understand online risks, know how to respond, learn from experiences and to find ways to recover if something bad happens. It supports the UKCIS Digital Resilience framework

Resilient Families is a recommended resource in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Media Literacy strategy.


Teachers say:

“I’ve trialled this across various pupils and found that it is both engaging and effective as a teaching resource.”

“Particularly good for autistic children as it describes emotions in depth to make them more relatable. It also encourages them to talk more openly about their emotions which they may struggle to do initially.”



A ready-made teaching resource, including:


A handbook to guide you through using the programme with children and parents.

3 video-based lessons/courses (over 1hr of content) to help children and parents understand digital spaces and relationships.

Themes include disinformation, content types, extremism and online radicalisation.

Videos available in whole sessions and short, bite-sized clips. All with British Sign Language.



What you get


'How to get digital superpowers' lesson (Primary)

'The power of resilience' lesson (Secondary)

'Ordinary Magic' course (Parents)

Additional resources

Educator handbook with advice and user tips

Lesson plans and worksheets

Support handout (English & Urdu)

Lesson plans and worksheets (ages 9-11 & 11+)


Find out more about the programme in our FAQs

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12 months access to Resilient Families resources costs £200

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