The Parent Zone Advent Calendar

Open today's door on the Parent Zone Advent Calendar!


1st December

A warm welcome to the Parent Zone advent calendar - and festive wishes from all of us in the office, including Teddy the dog!

Each day, we’ll be sharing facts, festive thoughts and prize draws to help you have fun during this hectic time of year - and make the most of a connected world.

‘tis the season for giving, so this year we’re offering two tickets to our brilliant Digital Families conference, two FREE Parent Zone memberships, and a fabulous Marks and Spencer hamper worth £100. Come back tomorrow for your first chance to win...


2 December

OK, here’s the first clue to win our amazing, indulgent hamper from M&S, worth £100.

Whether you’re a parent or you work with children, you’ll know how much they enjoy creating their own content and swapping it with friends.

One video-sharing app is particularly popular with children and has more than 500 million registered users globally - what is it? Browse our Parent Guides to find out.

Remember the answer - or if, like us, you can’t think straight for Christmas - write it down. At the end, we’ll have a prize draw.


3rd December:

Balance isn’t really a very festive thing. Indulgence is much more this-time-of-year.

But, for all the other seasons, balance is essential to wellbeing. Get yourself prepped and ahead of yourself in the new year with Google UK and Parent Zone’s Digital Wellbeing module. It’s full of lesson plans and guidance designed to help teachers tackle digital wellbeing in class. Help your pupils find balance! Pre-order your free copy by visiting

But did you know that lots of games include features such as loot boxes which can introduce children to gambling-like behaviours?

Oh, and did we mention we’re running a prize draw? Keep opening our advent calendar windows to make sure you have a chance of winning one of the really very spectacular prizes.


4th December:

Did you know: people spend six billion hours a month playing video games?

That’s the same amount of time it would take to complete 11 Apollo moon programmes, fly around the world 117.6 million times, or celebrate 250 million Christmas Eves!

Our website is full of info and advice about many of the games that children love to play:


5th December:

Put an orange in their stockings! Please, put an orange in their stockings! They’re not eating enough fruit. Only 8.5% of children eat the recommended five portions a day. But who eats more fruit and veg on average - boys or girls?

Email with the right answer by midnight on Monday 9 December to go into the draw to win a Parent Zone membership, complete with lesson plans, parent handouts, CPD for every member of staff, and more.

If you’re not sure of the answer, you can find it (and the answers to so much more!) on Parent Info:


6th December:

It’s Friday, and nearly time to take a rest. Well, perhaps not you, because you probably have reports to write, and end-of-term activities to mastermind. But soon.

Fortunately, contrary to popular belief, letting children amuse themselves with tech doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Read more about the ways in which the internet can be beneficial for children on Parent Info


7th December:

Big news! Parent Zone has been selected by BBC Children In Need to create a new digital service that will help families learn from each other and improve their wellbeing.

For more hot-off-the-press updates on Parent Zone and all things digital/wellbeing/tech/resilience, make sure to look at the Parent Zone website and follow us on twitter. New news all the time.

And if you want to know more about that Children In Need project, everything we know is here.


8th December:

Ta-da! Today is the second of our clues for the hamper! Put the clues together between now and Christmas and you could win an M&S hamper worth £100.

Collect the clues and we’ll tell you what to do with them on Christmas Eve. (it’s not as complicated as it sounds, honestly.)

So, today’s question:

Parent Zone has always called for WHAT and wellbeing online?

If you’re not sure, check out our news item on Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s global action plan to save the web.

And don’t you forget to save your answers so you can enter our fabulous prize draw!


9th December:

With the holidays right around the corner, your pupils must be literally and figuratively Twitch-ing with anticipation!

Live streaming is almost as popular among nursery-age children as teenagers, and Twitch is one of the most popular platforms.

No one expects you to be a streaming expert - but if parents are asking you questions, our guide to Twitch is full of useful info..


10th December:

Is your class walking in a Winter Interland?

Interland is a free game about having fun and being safer online, which takes Google’s Be Internet Legends curriculum into a colourful fantasy world.

Children can learn how to be Sharp, Alert, Secure, Kind and Brave from the comfort of their sofas...


11th December

It’s time for your third clue - so read closely! Put all the pieces together and you could win a delightful M&S hamper worth £100.

93% of children aged 10-16 in the UK play video games - and ‘Battle Royale’ is particularly popular.

Titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends are so big, they’ve gone beyond the game and influenced popular culture.

‘Dabbing’ and ‘flossing’ were both popularised by Fortnite - what are these examples of?

We hope you’re keeping up… but in case you aren’t, you should now have the first three letters of a secret word.


12th December

Who here is ❄ cool ❄ enough to keep up with the Kardashians?

One of the most popular trends of the year was caused entirely by Kylie Jenner, the A-List influencer and prominent member of the Kardashian clan.

When a clip of her saying “rise and shine” to her (already awake) child went viral, it got so popular that she attempted to trademark the phrase - and the internet responded by creating their own responses, parodies and remixes!

What exactly is an ‘influencer’ - and why did everyone take notice? Find out on our website:


13th December

Many teachers are parents too - so while you’re getting ready to say goodbye to your class, you may be thinking about spending quality time with your children.

Teen speak, especially internet slang, can feel impossible to keep up with - and there seems to be a different word for everything!

Luckily, this parent guide will help you become fluent in the lingo - so you don’t run out of things to talk about over the dinner table.

Email with your favourite example of teen speak by midnight on Monday 16th December, and we’ll pick two of you to win a ticket to our Digital Families conference in 2020 - the wellbeing event of the year.

Happy chatting!:


14th December

In the Christmas spirit yet?

The Parent Zone team have been literally decking the halls (or maybe just the new office!) with Christmas decorations this week🎄

What do you think of our artistry? Share your thoughts on Twitter using the #pzxmas hashtag 🎅


15th December

There are lots of screen-time Scrooges in the world - but according to recent research, screen time doesn’t actually have muc impact on children’s wellbeing.

Professor Andrew Przybylski, Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute, found that 99.75% of how happy children are has nothing to do with how much time they spend on a screen!

Read more about the myths and facts of screen time in this brand new article:


16th December

‘OK boomer’

If you don’t know this catchphrase, you might be subject to a little bit of OK-boomering behind your back 👀

This popular internet trend involves young people teasing older people - especially members of the ‘baby boomer’ generation - for being ‘out of touch’ (Rubbish - Ed).

Been OK-boomered? Don’t worry! You can use Parent Info to stay up to date on the digital world - and fight back with facts: (And possibly insults, you avocado-eating Millennials - Ed)


17th December

Much like Father Christmas flying around the world delivering presents, the internet isn’t restricted by borders - so neither is Parent Zone!

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped families and professionals from Australia to Poland, Portugal to Bangladesh - and many of our resources are available in different languages.

Find out more:


18th December

If you love your box sets, this question should be as simple as naming the 12 days of Christmas!

The most watched TV show in the UK this year is ‘Line of …’ what?

Have the answer? Make sure you make a note of it and add it to the other three answers for a chance to win goodies from our fabulous prize draw! Your secret word should be taking shape now…


19th December

What sort of advent calender do you have this year? (Besides the fabulous Parent Zone one, obviously!)

Did you know that the first ever advent calendar was produced in 1851 - and it was handmade? 😱🎅(We may be all about the digital world, but it doesn’t mean we can’t be impressed by old tech.)

Do you have any random Christmas facts? Tell us on twitter @parentszone using the #pzxmas hashtag 🎁


20th December

Have you heard of the amazing character Lil’ Blue from the DigiWorld curriculum?

We sure hope so, as this lil’ legend plays a big role in Parent Zone’s DigiWorld project 😃

Parent Zone developed the Digiworld curriculum exclusively for Telenor. If it’s your last day of term, why not check it out and encourage your students to try the interactive game over Christmas?


21st December

As families and friends gather for the big day, it’s the perfect time to think about how we use tech when we’re with other people.

Many children (and adults) will get new tech for Christmas and – understandably – want to use it! But how does this work when you’re with your family?

Don’t fear - just check out our top five ‘netiquette’ tips for the festive season:


22nd December

Looking forward to seeing what Santa brings this year? The usual suspects – oranges, toys and sweets – often make an appearance, but what is the strangest thing you’ve ever found in your stocking?

We’re gifting a free Digital Schools Membership to the person with the best answer. Simply email and we’ll contact the lucky winner!

Here’s a fun Christmas stocking fact to brighten your day:

Christmas stockings didn’t start out on the mantelpiece. The Dutch would stuff shoes with food and leave them outside their doors for St. Nick’s donkeys, hoping to receive gifts in return.


23rd December

Trivia time!

Here’s your fifth and final clue for the chance to win that sumptuous Christmas hamper.

Which app, designed to help children and young people make friends, was dubbed ‘Tinder for teens’ a few years ago? (You could always Google it.)

If you know the answer, take the first letter and put it together with the other four. With any luck, it’ll make a word. Email this word to to enter the prize draw.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the other four letters yet – you can still go back and find them by exploring the calendar…


24th December (Christmas Eve)

We hope your Christmas tree is shining as brightly as ours.

Here’s a fun fact to help you impress the rellies over dinner tomorrow:

Did you know that nearly 60 million Christmas trees are planted in Europe every year?


25th December (Christmas Day)

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here!

By now the decorating, gift shopping and gingerbread-baking should all be out of the way - so you can kick back and enjoy time with family and friends.

Here’s one final fact to share with your nearest and dearest:

For Father Christmas to deliver all the world’s presents on Christmas Eve, he would have to visit 822 homes a second!

All you have to do to enter our hamper competition is find five clues… it doesn’t seem so hard now, does it?

Merry Christmas from everyone in the Parent Zone team!