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‘I now feel much happier and safer when I’m using the internet’

This is Thomas, 7, from Penpol School in Cornwall. He is an Internet Legend.

Thomas discovered Google's Be Internet Legends curriculum during computing class, and fell in love with characters and lessons about digital wellbeing. When his computing teacher emailed Parent Zone to tell us how much of a fan Thomas was, we got in touch to find out what he thought of the lesson plans, online game... and how it feels to be a Google-certified Internet Legend!

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Hi Thomas! What did you enjoy best about your Be Internet Legends school work?

I enjoyed learning how to be safe on the internet and knowing what to do if someone hacked into my account. The most useful thing I learnt was to be kind to others, so you can be friends with them and to try and sort out their problems. 

As part of Be Internet Legends, there is an online game. What did you think of Interland?

I found it hard at first, especially the Kind Kingdom because you needed to jump up onto the places where you could stand up on and that was hard. I liked how it taught you to be kind and safe on the internet.

‘To be safe on the internet, there are lots of things you need to know’

Penpol pupils playing the Interland game as part of their Be Internet Legends studies.

Which is your favourite part of Interland?

My favourite island is the Tower of Treasure because you need to do really hard passcodes so the hackers can’t get in! And I found it really fun jumping over the obstacles. My favourite character was the blue little internaut, who was my character. I think he is called Legend.

Is it a good thing to be learning about staying safe online?

I think so. To be safe on the internet, there are lots and lots of things you need to know. Now I’m an Internet Legend, I know lots of these things and can help others too.

The Be Internet Legends assembly came to your school too! What was that like?

Because Google had come, the assembly felt really special. I thought the pictures of Interland and the flags were amazing. I liked the bit when they said 'sharp, alert, secure, kind, brave', because it rhymes and I really liked shouting it out together really loud. 

‘My mum asked me to show her the Interland game so she can play it too’

Thomas with his excellent Be Internet Legends artwork!

We hear you did some Interland pictures too?

Yeah, after the assembly, I went home and asked my mum if I could go on her phone and look up something that I could draw for the Internet Legends. I found a picture of Legend with all of the colours of the islands on it. I drew some pictures and bought them in to see my computing teacher Mr Woolcock the next morning. He said they were really good!

Are your family Internet Legends, like you?

Well, my mum asked me to show her how to play the game so she can play it too! I showed her how to play and she said it was a really good game!

What is the best thing about being an Internet Legend?

I now feel much happier and safer when I’m using the internet. And you can tell other people things they need to know to be an Internet Legend as well. 

Finally, can you remember the Legends code…?

I think so! It’s to think before I share, check it’s for real, protect yourself, respect each other and when in doubt, talk about it. Is that right? I think it is!

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