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10 tech safety tips to arm your kids with for the new term

The autumn term has started and your child looks dapper in their new Teflon shielded trousers, a freshly pressed PE kit in their rucksack. What could possibly go wrong? But for children, starting a new term after the long, lazy, summer holidays can be a trial. Here are 10 handy tech tips and devices to ease those back-to-school blues.

• If you child is starting secondary school make sure they know the school policy on phones. Having their phone confiscated in the first week will not be helpful.
• If your child’s school has a cashless canteen make sure that their finger is topped up. You can’t learn on an empty stomach.
• Be a bit flexible on screen time after school for a while. School can be exhausting and screen time can be good unwinding/downtime. And if they’re now at different schools to their friends, catching up on social media will be important.
• Download a map app onto your child’s phone. If they’re learning a new journey, it’s an added safety net - but remind them not to walk down the street with their phone in their hand. They should plug in headphones and listen to the directions if they need to use it.
• For school children in cities, a public transport app such as City Mapper will tell you when your bus is due. And don’t let them leave home without their travel card!
• Tell your child to keep their phone in their pocket or bag when they're at the bus stop - thieves love a visible mobile!
• Make sure your child’s phone has a cover so if it gets trodden on/dropped, the phone doesn't get smashed.
• Get your child to update their password and set their phone to auto lock so if they lose it their stuff is protected.
• Don't post a 'first day at school' picture without checking your privacy settings. Remember that school uniform tells people a lot about your child.
• Find out what your child's school policies are for devices - work together to keep your child safe.

Image: CC0 Public Domain