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10 YouTubers you should know

With more young people than ever turning away from broadcast TV in favour of online platforms, including Netflix and YouTube, Parent Zone looks into some of the popular YouTubers, also known as ‘vloggers’, that children are watching when they’re online and what you need to know about them.

1.    PewDiePie

Subscribers: 105 million

Perhaps the most popular, if not the highest earning, PewDiePie’s channel is focused on video gaming. With hundreds of videos, he (real name Felix Kjellberg) predominantly plays and reviews video games, with loud, offbeat commentary.

He has not been short of controversies. In 2017, he was reprimanded for using offensive racial language to describe another player during a video live stream. In another, he used anti-Semitic language and then claimed he did so in order to show ‘how crazy this world is.’ This led to him losing endorsements and for companies.


2.    Dude Perfect

Subscribers: 52m

Dude Perfect is an American sport and entertainment channel, run by twin Cory and Coby Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney

Posting videos of unbelievable trick shots and stunts, this group of Texas boys even hold Gusiness world records. 


3. Zoella

Subscribers: 4.81m

Perhaps the most well-known YouTuber in the UK, Zoella’s videos range from general make-up tutorials and hauls to kooky ‘Day in the Life’ videos where she lets viewers into her everyday life, and from collaboration videos with other popular YouTubers to tips and ideas on fashion.

Zoella has also used her platform to talk candidly about her battles with anxiety and highlight the importance of mental health to her devoted viewers.


4. Tyler Oakley

Subscribers: 7.17m

With over 500 videos and counting on his channel, Tyler Oakley is one of the most active vloggers on YouTube. A large chunk of his videos show him reacting to music videos, viral videos and reading the comments section of his most popular videos.

As a gay man, he also uses his videos to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and frequently collaborates with other YouTubers to shed light on less spoken about topics regarding sexuality.


5. Caspar

Subscribers: 7.6m

Caspar’s success on YouTube has seen him land film and TV roles, as well as become a brand ambassador for the app His videos largely involve comedy skits and challenges, including one where he and his friends prank call girls.

On other videos he has opened up about having Tourette’s Syndrome and the stresses of being a well-known YouTuber.


6. Daniel Howell

Subscribers: 6.5m

Previously known as ‘danisnotonfire’, Daniel uses his channel to talk about his battles with depression, being an introvert and playful retellings of major events in his life. His videos have millions of views and many of his viewers credit him with making them feel better about their own struggles with confidence and self-esteem.


7. JoJo Siwa

Subscribers: 11.5m

17-year-old Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa is an American singer, dancer, actor and internet personality. She first shot to fame after appearing on the popular reality TV show ‘Dance Moms.’ Her videos range from official music videos for her singles to participating in challenges suggested by her fans.


8. KSI

Subscribers: 21.6m

The London born do-it-all YouTuber is perhaps the UK’s YouTuber of the moment. In addition to his gaming, comedy and day in the life videos, KSI has undertaken a number of different creative projects, including releasing hip hop tracks, starring in a Hollywood movie and taking up “white-collar” boxing. It is for this boxing match against fellow YouTuber, Joe Weller, that he is probably most widely known with more than 20 million viewers watching the fight on YouTube and national newspapers running reports. KSI was criticized in the run up to the fight for mocking his opponent’s struggles with depression.


9. Ali-A

Subscribers: 17.2m

Ali-A is one of the UK’s most popular gaming YouTubers. He uploads videos of himself commentating over gameplay of popular games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. In 2015, he was awarded Guinness World Records for most popular Call of Duty channel both by views and subscribers. In 2018, his videos have predominately centred around Fortnite, which has seen his channel increase even further in popularity.


10. F2 Freestylers

Subscribers: 12.2m

The F2 Freestylers channel run by Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch is one of the most popular football channels on YouTube. Billy and Jeremy’s videos see them teaching football skills, performing trick shots and meeting some of the world’s greatest football stars including Neymar.


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