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17% of young people intervene when they witness bullying, a new report reveals

This year's Ditch the Label Anti-Bullying Survey looks at the experiences of those who witness bullying. 

Anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label's Annual Bullying Survey is conducted in partnership with secondary schools and colleges across the United Kingdom. This year over 9,000 young people aged between 12-20 participated.

Last year's survey explored the impact that social media and technology is having on the lives of young people, including the consequences on bullying. One of the main theme's of the 2018 survey was to uncover the experiences of those who witness bullying; exploring how Ditch the Label can help empower young people to safely intervene in cases of bullying. The survey also focused on the reasons behind bullying to better understand the behaviour of those that bully.  

‘14% said that their parents knew nothing about the bullying.’

57% of survey participants that are being bullied responded that they felt it was due to attitudes towards their appearance. When asked who the perpetrator was, 59% said it was a classmate. The survey showed that many were reluctant to report being bullied as they didn't want to be called a ‘snitch’. 14% said that their parents knew nothing about the bullying.

‘Of those who didn’t intervene, 51% said it was because they didn’t know what to do.’

The survey reveals that 59% of participants who had witnessed bullying in the past 12 months said they ‘felt bad for the person being bullied.’ In spite of this only 17% said they always intervened. Of those who didn’t intervene, 51% said it was because they 'didn’t know what to do'.  Ditch the Label have emphasised the importance of supporting young people to feel comfortable reporting any bullying they witness. 'Bystanders can be a powerful and often forgotten perspective in the dynamic of bullying,' says Sue Jones, Global Deputy CEO of Ditch the Label. 

This year's survey also revealed that witnesses are less likely to intervene when it comes to cyberbullying and bullying through an online game, but more likely to intervene when verbal, face-to-face bullying.

You can read the full survey report here.

In this year's survey report, Parent Zone CEO Vicki Shotbolt offers her advice to parents on what they can do to help their child if they are being bullied.


Main image: Ditch the Label's Annual Anti-Bullying survey 2018 cover