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4 realistic ways for teachers to engage parents

This World Teachers’ Day we look at five easy ways for teachers to involve parents when it comes to helping children to stay safer and be more confident online

Much like celebrating Mother’s or Father’s Day, 24 hours a year doesn’t begin to do justice to all the tireless effort that teachers put in to support children, both with their academic progress and learning key life skills.

When it comes to keeping children safer online, we know that a collaborative effort is needed. Whilst it is important for schools to teach pupils the skills they need to be resilient, it is parental support that really helps young people to consolidate these skills and make it more likely for them to take important messages on board.

Of course, this isn’t something that teachers don’t already know, and we also need to be realistic. It’s not easy to find that many opportunities throughout the school year to spend face-to-face with parents.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five realistic ways that Parent Zone can help you to make that break-through.

1.       Host a free newsfeed service for families on your school website

Your school can deliver expert articles straight to families. Parent Info is a service supporting families in the digital age. It offers articles and advice from leading experts on a wide range of topics around internet safety, parenting, health, wellbeing and relationships. It’s free and easy to embed on your school website.


2.       Share a free parent booklet on how to raise a child’s self-esteem

Let mums and dads know that they can download this free parent guide from the Dove Self-Esteem Project. This booklet is packed with expert advice, action checklists and activities that parents can carry out with their child at home to help boost their child’s body confidence. It also supports parents with starting important conversations about appearance ideals and looking critically at images on social media and magazines.

3.       Show them parent guides for information on the latest apps, websites and games

We have a growing selection of guides containing what parents need to know about the latest online trends. From adjusting safety settings on the popular game Fortnite to finding out how to switch off location settings on Snapchat, these guides are essential, quick to read and easy to follow. They can be printed out and handed to parents or just shared on school social media and in newsletters.

4.       Tell them about these free online games to help build digital resilience

If their child is more inclined to learn through gaming, they can play these games together at home to help reinforce key messages on staying safer and being happier online. Interland, from Google’s Be Internet Legends programme and Digiworld from an interactive curriculum created exclusively for Telenor.

So, Happy World Teachers’ Day to you all (although we know you deserve more than a day).

We hope these resources make it a bit easier to reach out to parents so that you can work together to help keep children safer and be more confident online.