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5 apps to help kids with their homework

By Megan Rose

While it can often be a chore to encourage kids to do their homework, there are some fantastic apps that can really help. From improving study skills to providing answers to the questions that really interest them, here are 5 you should know about.

 Khan Academy: (i0S and Android, free) 
The app to the highly popular website, Khan Academy provides a wealth of free educational videos, questions and articles on a wide-range of subjects. From music to economics, maths or medicine, this app will help supplement and further your child’s studies in almost any subject.

 Gojimo Revision: (i0S and Android, free)
This app is specifically designed to help revise for important exams, such as GCSEs and A-Levels. It provides a library of free revision tests on many subjects, and tailors each user’s revision to their specific exam board. Gojimo tutor is another app which enables users to communicate with a subject specialist who provides one-to-one help with their science or maths revision. There is a fee for this, however, so check it out before you choose to sign up.

 myHomework student planner: (i0S and Android, free) 

This useful app helps organise homework schedules, deadlines and school timetables. It notifies users when an upcoming deadline is looming, as well as helping to organise and manage other tasks and projects. A great app to download at the beginning of each school year to keep on top of anything school-related. Although the basic account is free, there is a premium account available too.

 Quizlet: (i0S and Android, free)
This free flashcard revision app helps kids revise before an important exam. It allows them to create their own flashcards on any topic, as well as revising with flashcards made by others. It’s specifically aimed at helping children learn important content for an exam, so is particularly useful in the last stages of revision.

 The Free Dictionary: (i0S and Android) 
While it’s always good to encourage children to use a real dictionary or thesaurus, this app can be accessed anywhere, making your child’s learning portable. As well as having a word, idiom and article of the day, the app also includes word games. Overall, this is a handy app to extend a child’s learning anywhere. 

Image: PublicDomainPictures