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5 signs you're over-sharenting

By Megan Rose and Vicki Shotbolt

As our latest research with Nominet has shown, parents are rather good at regularly uploading photos of their children online. And why wouldn’t anyone want to see Jessie’s first visit from the tooth fairy or the result of baking cakes with Max and his dinosaurs on a rainy afternoon?

However, beware the warning signs that you might just be taking your sharenting habits a bit far. Here are our top 5:

  1. Your friends start unfriending you on Facebook because they can’t cope with any more baby pictures.

  2. Your friends text you asking if you and little Charlie are OK because you haven’t uploaded an image on your profile for at least three hours.

  3. Your children move to France so they can take legal action against you posting pictures of them on social media.

  4. You grab your smartphone before the first aid kit when your child falls off her bike.

  5. You have to pay for more cloud storage to back up your photos.
Parent Zone and Nominet have just released the results of a survey into ‘sharenting’. Read more.


Image: ClaudioSilvaDS, public domain