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5 TV shows to get kids to try a new hobby

During the school holidays or at the weekend you’re bound to have a rainy day (or two) to fill with activities to occupy your kids.

Watching a TV show can be a great way to encourage them to start a new hobby or learn about new topics.

Here are five that are currently available on iPlayer to inspire them to leave the sofa and try something new.

Deadly 60: age 8+ 

This programme educates kids about the most deadly species of animals in the world, and could encourage them to take a greater interest in wildlife, animals and their local environment. The RSPCA offers a junior membership which provides any animal-loving kid with facts, puzzles and competitions which could be a great way to further their interest in being more wildlife-conscious.

Junior Bake Off: age 10+ 

A junior version of the popular adult show, this programme follows a group of kids who are assigned cooking tasks in a competition. It could inspire any budding chef to cook foods they love eating for themselves – or to introduce them to new foods and flavours. It’s also an opportunity to teach them about hygiene, cooking and storing food safely.

Art Ninja: age 8+ 

This programme is presented by an art-guru who shows kids how to make unique, creative pieces of art themselves. Not only is it a great way to give you ideas of activities to do at home, but can help encourage a child to be as experimental and imaginative as they like - while making some really cool things.

Taking the Next Step: age 10+ 

Following the hugely popular The Next step series, this follows the experiences of real-life dancers as they compete in dance competitions. A useful way to get a child who is interested in dancing to try it out for themselves.

Cinemaniacs: age 8+

This popular kids’ show features famous actors and directors talking about making and appearing in films. It also features children’s own ‘DIY Blockbusters’ – short films they’ve written and acted out themselves. It’s an opportunity for any child who has an interest in drama or film to learn how the industry really works and will encourage kids to make their own films and write their own scripts to go along with them.


Image: CCO Public Domain