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6 websites that promote kids' learning

Grid club 7+ 

A highly popular website that has lots of educational games for children. If it’s spelling, maths or history you’re after – this is the website to check out. Some parts of the website do require a subscription, but most games are free to play. 

Mangahigh 10+

This website features lots of free games to engage and consolidate your child's maths learning. Although it’s specifically designed for schools, your kids can still access the content from home. Simply click ‘explore content’ to start playing!

National Geographic Kids 8+ 

This is the online component of the National Geographic Kids magazine, and offers a huge variety of educational games and information. All of the images and videos are child-friendly because they’re approved by the site administrators. Most of the content is free but you must subscribe to access some other features. Users are prompted as to whether they’d like to subscribe through ads, so check that your child is careful.

Starfall 4+

A free website which helps younger children develop their reading skills. A great tool to use and learn together at home. The reading basics site is free to use, but there is a subscription fee to access further content, however.

Funbrain 7+

This website offers a variety of fun and interactive games to boost a child’s learning. The games, which are all free, are classified by school year, so parents can rest assured their learning is suitable for their age. Children can also read popular books, such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, on the site too.

Spatulatta 10+ 

If your child fancies themselves as the next Gordon Ramsay, then this is the site for them. While it doesn’t provide any games, kids can search for recipes using the Recipe Box  for free, and watch lots of cooking videos. Overall, it’s a great website to use on a rainy day or to simply encourage a child to start cooking.