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Before and after school

By Sophie Linington

Children do better at school if their parents are involved in their education. That means taking an interest in what they’re doing academically – but it also means creating conditions that help are some suggestions.

Before school

Children need to be more organised at secondary school than they were at primary school. If you can establish an early-morning routine, you’ll remove some of the stresses associated with having to remember which books and what equipment and which work they’re supposed to be taking in.

For a good start to the day:

  • Encourage your child to sort out their books and bags the night before and get their uniform ready
  • Make sure they eat breakfast. Children wilt if they don’t have enough energy.
  • Leave plenty of time to get to school, including time for transport delays so they don’t arrive in a rush.

After school

  • Check planners for permission slips or other letters home to avoid morning panics.
  • Check they know what homework is due in the following day and they’re planning ahead to spread their workload.
  • Try to plan a routine that allows them some relaxation time, as well as homework time.