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Another games developer cracks down on gambling sites

The Icelandic video games developer CCP, is cracking down on online gambling sites that use any of its game content, according to

The company, which is responsible for the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game Eve Online, as well as VR games Eve: Valkyrie and Eve Gunjack, said it is targeting two offenders in particular and has updated its End User Licence Agreement (EULA) with a view to tackling the problem.

CCP has confiscated all currently held items and currency from the two gambling sites and permanently suspended the accounts of all those involved. The company also issued a warning to all other Eve Online gambling sites to shut down by 8 November or face a similar punishment.

In Parent Zone’s recent article, ‘Online gambling and young people’, we explained how some third-party gambling sites allow skins (in-game add-ons) to be used like casino chips to gamble on eSports tournaments and other online games of chance.

CCP’s move comes three months after Valve, the company that owns the game CS: GO and the gaming platform Steam threatened to shut down 23 sites on Steam that did not stop players using skins to gamble.

The corporation issued the ‘cease and desist’ notices after it faced legal cases alleging that it helped the sites to run gambling operations.

CCP’s updated EULA says 'You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.

'In short, this addition to the Eve Online EULA means that as of the launch of Eve Online: Ascension, players will be prohibited from using in game assets and currency, as well as the Eve IP, to take part in or promote gambling services or other games of chance that are operated by third parties.’

Eve Online: Ascension, which is free to play, will be launched on 8 November. CCP said that their ‘security team will be closely monitoring all these in-game entities to ensure that no illicit behaviour occurs, and that any movement of in game assets and currency remains in line with our current EULA and Terms of Service.’


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