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Anti-bullying report names Instagram as the worst platform for cyber-bullying

1.5 million young people in the UK experienced bullying over the past year, with half of them never telling anybody through fear, embarrassment or a lack of reliable support.

Leading international anti-bullying charity, Ditch the Label, has released the Annual Bullying Report 2017 which reveals more detailed information on bullying among young people within the UK. This report gathers the opinions of young people studying in schools and colleges across the nation; this year over 10,000 young people gave their views.

Of those who experienced some sort of bullying, a significant number experienced it online. The report found that Instagram is the most commonly used social network for cyber-bullying, followed by Facebook and then Snapchat.

The majority of those turning to someone for support would either go to a teacher or family member, but over a third were not satisfied with the response from teachers. When young people were asked if social networks do enough to prevent cyber-bullying, 71% said no. A further 69% of all respondents claim that at some point they have done something abusive towards another person online and 23% of those asked said that cyber-bullying is ‘just a part of growing up’.

Read the full report.