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Be Internet Legends: FAQs

How can I order a Be Internet Legends scheme of work for my school?

It’s super-quick and easy to order your FREE scheme of work. Just fill out the details in this order form and check that you have received a confirmation email. 

How many copies of the scheme of work booklet can I order?

You can order one booklet per teacher, but you’re more than welcome to have more than one booklet per school. Each teacher that wants a copy needs to make a separate order using the order form.


Will I have to pay for postage and packaging?

The booklet is completely FREE and there is no cost for postage and packaging. It won’t cost you or your school anything.

How long before I receive my booklet in the post?

It will take around two weeks for your booklet to arrive in the post. You should receive a confirmation email once you have filled out the order form. Do check your spam folder just in case! Please note that any orders taken before school holidays will be posted to arrive after you are back in school. 

I haven’t received my booklet. Who can I contact?

It’s worth checking if you received a confirmation email when you made your order. Please check your spam folder just in case. If you have any issues please send an email to

We’re not a school. Can we order copies of the scheme of work?

The scheme of work is designed for Key Stage 2 teachers to deliver lessons to primary school pupils. This means it isn't suitable for other organisations. Please take a look at the Parent Zone and Parent Info websites for internet safety information and resources. 

We’re a private school. Can we order copies of the scheme of work?

Yes! Any UK schools that teach children aged between 7 and 11 years old can order their FREE copy of the Be Internet Legends scheme of work.

How can my school request a Be Internet Legends assembly?

You can do so by filling out the order form. You can also email Parent Zone to request at Find out more about Be Internet Legends assemblies.

Common questions about the Be Internet Legends programme

What is Be Internet Legends?

Be Internet Legends is a multifaceted programme designed to teach children the skills they need to be safe and confident online. The programme involves:

  • FREE Scheme of Work for primary school teachers including PSHE Association-accredited lesson plans.
  • FREE online game – Interland – which supports and reinforces the learning points.
  • FREE downloadable parent resources to engage at home with children

What is the Be Internet Legends scheme of work?

The Be Internet Legends scheme of work was developed by Google in partnership with Parent Zone. The scheme of work is presented as a FREE pack including PSHE Association-accredited lesson plans and fun activities to carry out in class. There is an interactive online game, called Interland, that pupils can play on tablets or computers to reinforce their learning for each section of the scheme of work. 

What age group is the Be Internet Legends scheme of work suitable for?

It is suitable for Key Stage 2 pupils aged between 7 and 11 years old. Inside the Be Internet Legends booklet there is a full set of lesson plans. Two have been written for younger children (years 3 and 4: ages 7-9) and the rest were created for older children (years 5 and 6: ages 9-11).

What will pupils learn?

The Be Internet Legends scheme of work helps pupils learn the skills they need to be safe and confident online based around four internet safety pillars:

Think Before You Share: (Be Internet Sharp)

Check it’s for Real: (Be Internet Alert)

Protect Your Stuff: (Be Internet Secure)

Respect Each Other: (Be Internet Kind)

The fifth pillar brings everything together, providing valuable follow-up discussions to have in class or during a safeguarding discussion:

When in Doubt, Discuss (Be Internet Brave)

What makes the lesson plans PSHE Association-accredited?

The lesson plans have been quality assured by the PSHE Association. This means they meet the criteria to receive the PSHE Association’s Quality Mark. The PSHE Association assessment criteria are based on their ten principles of best practice in PSHE education and other research into effective teaching and learning in the subject.

The scheme of work includes the following:

  • A teacher guide to pupil safety
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Clear aims, objectives and outcomes
  • Starter & plenary activities to help measure pupil progress
  • Extra support sheets for pupils
  • Key vocabulary for each pillar
  • Extension activities
  • Opportunities for assessment

How long will it take to cover each pillar in class?

The lesson plans indicate how long you should spend on each activity to make it easy to plan when deciding which activities to carry out in class. You may decide to pick and choose activities depending on the time available. Each pillar in the curriculum has a lesson overview and detailed lesson plan to guide you. Any support sheets and differentiation activities have been provided to make the lessons simple to deliver.

How long will it take to complete the curriculum with pupils?

This depends on how much time you can dedicate to each lesson, but as a full scheme of work with plenty of activities to choose from, an online game and plenty of discussion points, this can be delivered throughout the academic year.

Do the activities have to be completed in order?

No. Where an activity requires completion of a prior activity, there is a clear note in the lesson plan. In general, the activities can be completed in any order. The lesson plans are detailed to help teachers with their planning. There is also a shorter lesson overview for each pillar to make it easy to navigate the booklet.

Is there anything that I can pass on to parents?

The scheme of work includes a template letter/email, that can be sent out to parents, describing the Be Internet Legends programme. You don’t have to worry about how to explain it! For expert information regarding online safety and how to help young people manage their online lives you could direct parents to and

Hopefully we have answered your questions. If not, do get in touch so we can help you out! Email or give Parent Zone a call on 0207 686 7225

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