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Be Internet Legends: LIVE online assemblies FAQs

How do I request a live assembly?

Fill in this form and we'll be in touch with more details.

Can pupils use any device?

Yes – pupils can access the YouTube stream on a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Can we use our learning platform to take questions and messages?

Yes – schools have used tools like Google classroom and Showbie to take questions and messages from pupils.

Do you have any materials we can use to promote the assembly?

Yes – we've developed a PDF invite that you can customise with your school's details. We'll share that with you once your session is confirmed.

Can we post about the assembly on social media/our website?

Yes, feel free – but please share the pupil link only, not the staff link.

Do you have any materials we can use to engage pupils at home?

Yes – we've developed a worksheet that pupils can fill out before or during the assembly. We'll share that with you once your session is confirmed. 

Will pupils be able to access the assembly chat?

No – we have a special link for pupils that doesn't have chat turned on.

Can parents watch the assembly too?

Yes – parents can watch the session with their children.

Is there a limit to the number of teachers who can use the staff link?

No – the more the merrier!

How many classes can we include?

The whole school can watch. It can be useful to have a teacher for each class taking answers and sending us messages but that isn't essential.

What sort of messages can we send?

Teachers have told us about birthdays, special school events and pupils that deserve a special shout out. Our presenters will mention as many pupils as possible.

Is there any follow up to the assembly?

Pupils can play Interland at home and we have lots of family activities available on our website. 

Will we be able to watch the assembly afterwards?

Yes – you'll be able to watch a recording of the assembly using the same YouTube link. 

Is there anything for parents?

We have special sessions just for parents. Stay tuned for the full schedule – we will be announcing dates on our website

Can I request a session for parents in our school?

Yes – just get in touch with us using and we will do our best to schedule one for your school.