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Better understanding of internet use is required, according to EPI report

A report published by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) has found moderate internet use among younger people is beneficial to their mental health, compared to ‘extreme internet users’ (determined as over six hours of use a day).

The report found over a third of 15 year-olds in the UK were classed as ‘extreme internet users’ and there was a direct correlation between excessive use of social media and a young person’s mental wellbeing.

However, the study also found that educating teenagers on using the internet instead of limiting access would be more effective in addressing the issue.

This echoes the sentiments of Parent Zone, who, for many years, has championed this approach.

Parent Zone CEO Vicki Shotbolt is quoted in the report saying:  ‘Research with teenagers in the UK on online resilience indicates that learning from experience is associated with developing skills to manage online risks.’

The EPI found in some cases that social media helped build characters and basic digital skills among young people, but this could only be properly achieved with the right educational tools available.

To read the full report click here.