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Behind the scenes at Parent Zone we have a team of expert writers commissioning, creating and curating the best available information on digital resilience and online safety.

Our work with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety, and ties with companies at the cutting edge of digital technologies, help to make sure that we know what’s coming, and that we understand the issues affecting children and younge people properly.

So what are we working on for this year and what can you expect from our content?

Digital resilience

First of all we’ll be making good on our commitment to translate the theory of digital resilience into practice.

For content, that means looking at the three pillars of digital resilience through our new Digital Resilience curriculum.

Starting with personal skills and assets, we’ll be exploring the worrying question of whether children are developing an unhealthy obsession with their own image and how social anxiety seems to have replaced anti social behaviour.  Our partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem team means we’ll be able to provide fantastic resources to run self-esteem workshops in your schools and we’ll also be looking at ways to foster confidence and develop critical thinking.

We’ll also be considering safe spaces. How can we help young people and parents use the tools that are available, and understand the latest risks and less safe spaces? That means guides to new apps and services, health warnings when apps like Snatch hit the App store, and encouraging families to say  ‘Instead’ rather than ‘No’. We’re going to be helping parents to find safer alternatives to less safe places. Popjam instead of Instagram and YouTube for Kids instead of YouTube.

Finally we’ll address the question of recovery. How can we help young people to recover when things go wrong?

Giving parents the tools to respond well when a child comes to them, and explaining the best way to support them through a difficult patch, will be part of the picture, but helping young people to empathise with each other is equally important.

As well as the magazine, films, parent presentations and running the popular Parent Info newsfeed advice service for schools, we’ll also be delivering lesson plans, pupil programmes, senior leadership briefings, storybooks and online training.

Crucially, we’ll be responding to new issues and challenges, ready as we always are to respond with timely resources.