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Daily Memo 10-13 April

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo for 10-13 April 2017. Here are the stories that grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...

Thursday 13th of April 2017


Dangers of 'Tinder for teens' app resurface

'Yellow' raises concern among teachers in Northumbria.


Fact vs Fiction

Fake news being used as fact in pupils' school work, say teachers.


Amazon caters for parents

New Parent Dashboard allows parents to keep check on the content their child is accessing.


'Ordinary working families'

Justine Greening to emphasise that Grammar schools must cater for all.



Wednesday 12 April 2017

School-based training vs university: which works?

Teachers trained via school-led routes are more likely to go into the classroom.


FGM and ‘breast ironing’ under the spotlight

Calls for teachers to be trained in spotting 'honour' based abuse.


At risk

Council ‘failed to protect’ child from abusive teacher.

Can’t draw? There’s an app for that...

This looks fab. Google’s new AutoDraw aims to make drawing easier for everyone.


Resilient pupils

Parent Zone CEO Vicki’s latest blog on what digital resilience is - and isn't.


Tuesday 11 April 2017

Cash for classes?

‘Around one in six’ schools are asking parents for cash to help run the school due to cuts.


‘Social media is not the root cause of children’s mental health issues’

Interesting column from former Schools Mental Health Champion, Natasha Devon.


The race for free childcare places

£50million extra found by government as it attempts to fulfil its free childcare pledge.


New community marketplace for Mincecraft

Minecraft users can now share and sell their creations.


The dad of a very poorly baby decided to cheer himself up by Photoshopping her into dangerous situations as she’d been too ill to do anything exciting. Some people didn't get the joke... 


Monday 10 April 2017

School confiscates games consoles - from pupils’ homes!

A school in London has gone to extreme lengths to stop pupils from missing sleep by playing on games consoles and phones at home.


Single sex schools failing to accommodate transgender pupils

Transgender pupils report being made to feel anxious and some have been refused admission to schools. 


How tech is helping kids with autism 

These clever innovations are helping children with autism communication.


Is social media making young people lonely?

Is the internet to blame for young people's feelings of isolation and despair?


Your starter for 10...

Why do University Challenge contestants go viral?

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