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Daily memo 11 September - 15 September 2017

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Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 15 September

Digital deficit

A study for Barclays reveals that almost half of all workers don’t have the computer skills required in an increasingly digitised economy. Read more.


Staying competitive

Education Secretary, Justine Greening has reportedly called for teachers’ pay to remain competitive as she warned that risks to recruitment and retention need to be taken seriously. Read more.


Denied education

Permanently excluded pupils in some areas of the country are not being provided with the full-time education to which they are legally entitled, according to figures from TES. Read more.


Think before you post

The Attorney General, is asking judges, police and victims' groups for examples of where social media posts have compromised a trial in court. Read more.

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A stylish success

How one woman turned her popular style blog into the world’s biggest social media influencer agency. Read more.




Thursday 14 September

Techy tots and teens

How to raise tech-savvy children. Read more.

The history of Bitcoin

Explaining the digital currency's place in the modern world. Read more.

What happened to 9???

iPhone X: the internet reacts. It’s pronounced iPhone 10, not X, apparently. Read more.


Charity begins at school

Has the government changed its mind over changes to the charitable status of private schools? Read more.

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Bullying in school: the teachers' view

Two in five secondary teachers know a pupil who has been too scared to attend school – and a fifth say it’s on the rise, according to a new survey. Read more.

Wednesday 13 September

Modern life lessons

A revised PSHE curriculum will focus on teaching teens how to cope with modern life. It'll cover topics including social media, online bullying and peer pressure. Read more.


Let's get critical 

Research has found that pupils lack basic literacy skills to identify fake news. Read more.

Take a look at our guide on how to be more critical of what you read online.


Reading is what? Fundamental.

A study by YouGov has found one in five parents do not read to their child. Read more.


X marks the spot?

Apple finally unveiled their new iPhone 8 and iPhone X...and they do not come cheap. Read more.



Instagram has apolgised after removing a mother’s photo with her son, who has a facial deformity. Instagram at the time said the photo breached community guidelines. Read more.


Too little too late?

YouTuber PewDiePie, who was caught saying the N-word during a live stream, has apologised for his actions. Read more.



Tuesday 12 September

Rise against the machine

Apparently, intelligent machines will replace teachers in the next 10 years. Read more.



The call for gender-neutral clothing will be the start of better sex education in schools, blogs Rachel Bell. Read more.


A storm is coming

Twitter is testing out a feature to make it easier to generate tweetstorms – also known as Twitter Threads. Read more.


I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

Everything you need to know about Apple’s newest operating system coming soon…but you can get it now if you can't wait. Read more.


Monkey business

The photographer who took the famous 'monkey selfie' has won his court battle giving him ownership of the image. Read more.


A different kind of race

Popular YouTube gamer PewDiePie has been caught using a racial slur during a livestream. Read more.



Monday 11 September


Out of practice

Cambridge University to scrap written exams because students’ handwriting is so bad. Read more.

Rise in sexual offences amongst young people

According to new figures, the number of children reported to prosecutors for sexual offences has risen by 21% in four years. Read more. 

What is encryption?

How well are you protected from cybercriminals? Do you know how to check whether your data is ‘encrypted’? Read more. 

BFF robot

Would you want a robot to be your child’s best friend? Read more.

Face analysis

New Artificial Intelligence can reportedly guess whether you're gay or straight just from a photograph. Read more.

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Net Aware 2017

Latest report from the NSPCC and O2 sets out key findings from the 2016/17 survey about young people's experiences on the most popular social networks.

Read the full report here.