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Daily memo 16 October - 20 October 2017

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Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 20 October


The bystander effect

In the wake of the Hollywood scandal over sexual harrassment, one writer suggests the issue is present in schools too.


Are you even relevant? 

Facebook will soon start sorting user notifications out based on how relevant they are to each person.


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Talk to the (phone in my) hand

A new report has found that millennials are communicating more through apps and smartphones than face-to-face.


Coding in the closet

An insight to what being LGBTQ+ and working in the tech industry is like.

 Thursday 19 October 


Time for change

Twitter says it will crack down on sexual harassment and tweets that glorify violence.


The truth hurts

Blog: ‘Why we need to talk to our children about the Harvey Weinstein case.'


Self-harm figures on the rise

Latest figures show an increase in self-harming among UK girls.

 ‘Not an illness’

PM Theresa May says that being transgender is ‘not an illness’ and promises to change the law.

Wednesday 18 October


Just not getting it

Trainee teachers don’t understand the role of safeguarding, says Ofsted.


‘We no longer have a curriculum, we just prepare for exams’

One researcher had some harsh words for the current state of the UK education system.


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Just the sip of the iceberg

Moderate drinking by parents is leaving children anxious, according to new research.


Literally, so over it

The Queen of selfies herself, Kim Kardashian, has said selfies are officially over.


Too little too late?

Twitter promises to act quicker to people to report abuse after constant complaints over their slow response rate.


Tuesday 17 October


Everybody welcome

A look into one pupil referral unit that takes in children excluded or bullied out of mainstream education and sometimes even those who just want to be there.


'A lifeline, literally.'

Figures released show that a record number of children have called Childline looking for support over suicidal thoughts and feelings.



Image: Twitter @Alyssa_Milano


Thousands of women took to social media to share their experiences of sexual harrassment and assault using the hashtag #MeToo.



Facebook has acquired the popular teen app TBH, which encourages young people to say nice things to each other, for an undisclosed amount.


Shame on you!

Netflix wants to shame people into not downloading or streaming films and TV shows illegally online.


Monday 16 October


Teach us

New research suggests that more than two-thirds of teenagers would like schools to provide more support on online safety issues such as cyber-bullying.


A fragile state

Headteachers are to warn MPs that school budgets in England are facing ‘breaking point’ after cuts and costs imposed upon them by the government.


Taking legal action

Latest blog post from LSE – Parenting for a digital future: Could a child sue their parents for ‘sharenting’?


Rise and shine

School gives students alarm clocks over fears their phones are disrupting their sleep.


Digital safety ambassadors 

Facebook says tens of thousands of children in secondary schools could be taught to counter cyber bullying by the social network.


Missing out

A new report reveals that there is a mismatch between pupil take-up of extra-curricular activities that could help develop their life skills and what teachers say their school is offering.