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Daily memo 18 September - 22 September 2017

Image: Jack Moreh, public domain

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  


Friday 22 September


Embracing tech

According to a new report, a ‘cohesive digital strategy’ is needed from the government to help schools make better use of technology. Read more. 


Not too shabby

Headteachers have warned that a new system for one-day school inspections could see schools graded as ‘good-ish’ and will confuse parents. Read more.

The traditional choice

Figures show that the proportion of students taking arts subjects has fallen to the lowest level in a decade. Read more.

Working offline

Writer, Zadie Smith, says using social media would threaten her writing. Read more.

Hidden motives

Opinion piece: Tech’s push to teach coding isn’t about kids’ success – it’s about cutting wages. Read more.

Thursday 21 September


Domestic violence: the effect on children

Official figures suggest that domestic abuse-related crimes accounted for 1 in 10 of all crimes in 2015/16. Read more.


Teacher recruitment: play vs pay 

Making teaching attractive is not just about pay, it's about making the job interesting, says education head. Read more.

Image: Pixelcreatures, public domain

The most dangerous celebrities to search for online

How clicking on stories about your favourite stars could ruin your day. Read more.


Girls as young as seven feel gender pressure

New Girlguiding report finds that girls as young as 7 feel pressure to conform to gender stereoptypes and it can affect how they perform in lessons. Read more.


Teachers need help spotting mental health problems in primaries

Primary teachers ‘ill equipped’ to spot mental health issues in pupils but their help is crucial, finds new survey. Read more.


Wednesday 20 September

Bad apple picking

Schools are to be trained in spotting pupils who they think are being radicalised. Read more.


YouTube fail

Meanwhile, YouTube are failing to deliver on their promise of deleting terrorist video content from the site, according to new research. Read more.


Talk that talk

Charities are urging parents to talk to their children about the importance of consent when it comes to sex education. It is hoped starting the conversation early will instill healthy attitudes about sex later in life. Read more.

Read our guide on how to talk about consent with your child.


Mindful matters

New research has found that a quarter of 14-year-old girls are showing signs of depression, according to new research. Read more


Not just for kids

Sales of smartphones have seen a boom in the over 55s market. Read more.


Just a touch

One little supermarket at Brunel university has become the first of its kind to allow customers to pay using the veins in their fingers. Read more.


Bridge over troubled tech skills

There a growing interest in science and engineering jobs as the UK aims to bridge the skills gap. Read more.

Take a look at our guest blog on helping young people bridge the skills gap.


Tuesday 19 September 


Parent Zone's Digital Families 17 conference with CEOP

The country’s leading experts will be coming together to share their advice on the challenges of the digital age and how to keep kids safer online at our Digital Families 17 conference in London. Read more. 

Unveiling the future of education

The President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sheffield has revealed what he believes will be a revolutionary concept in higher education, research and teaching at a global conference in China. Read more.

Watch out for fake apps

A new report says malware that secretly charge users for fake services has been downloaded by millions of people and is secretly stealing money. Read more. 

Missing out?

It has been reported that more than a quarter of England's secondary schools don’t offer religious education, despite the law saying they must. Read more.


Opinion piece: research is making clear just how hard it is to stop people from believing false stories on social media. Read more.


Monday 18 September


Challenge for change

Take a look at five ways teachers can challenge inequality in the classroom. Read more.


The social mentor?

Read one teacher's take on how schools and social media can complement one another in lessons. Read more.


Tech in trouble 

Research has found Twitter and Google have allowed advertisers to target users with bigoted views in order to push products and content. Read more.


Sorry. Not Sorry

Facebook is trialing a new way users can ignore their annoying friends. Read more.


Tails of Trump's Twitter

Donald Trump has suggested the only way to combat terrorism is by switching off the internet. He made this suggestion via his twitter account. Read more.


Right a wrong

Have we all been wrong in thinking online security automatically means privacy? Read more.