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Daily Memo 28 April

Welcome to the Daily Memo, our news round-up for 28 April 2017



Girls downplay their maths ability – even when they're as good as the boys

Research finds that female students may avoid sectors such as engineering and technology despite having the ability to excel. Read more.


Pupil power: how students are turning schools green

A scheme encouraging young people to take the lead on environmental projects is changing habits, growing leaders – and saving schools money. Read more.


Facebook admits: governments exploited us to spread propaganda

Company says its platform has been used by governments seeking to manipulate public opinion in other countries – including during the presidential elections in the US and France. Read more.


Meet the two-year-old who has her own YouTube cooking show

Watch Mazzy from Oregon helping out in the kitchen making an array of Asian treats from Thai desserts to Chinese BBQ pork buns. Read more

UK 'Iron Man' demonstrates flying suit at TED conference

Inventor Richard Browning says that the 'Daedalus suit' is easily capable of flying at 200mph and an altitude of a few thousand feet. Read more.





Thursday 27 April 2017

V&A museum launches new design project

The world renowned design and arts centre hopes the scheme will encourage more young people into design. Read more.


Warnings made over new Netflix drama

The show, 13 Reasons Why, is something parents should be aware of, say schools. Read more.


Social media sites need to do more to safeguard young people

Pupils feel they are not adequately protected from porn and cyberbullying, finds survey. Read more.


Teachers' student debt should be wiped out after seven years

Higher Education Policy Institute proposes new policy in attempt to tacke teacher shortages. Read more. 


New computers could wipe out thoughts without you knowing

Experts warn about the potential power of the computers of the future. Read more.


Wednesday 26 April 2017



School Funding Cuts: How parent power is pushing funding cuts to the top of the agenda

Parents are starting to notice the consequences of schools funding changes. And they are not happy. Read more here.


DofE's Free Schools policy under the microscope 

Cross party group of MPs slam 'incoherent' free schools policy. Read more here.


English language teacher becomes a YouTube sensation 

Marketing graduate turns language tutor to become a huge hit on YouTube teaching quirks of the English Language. English Vlogger Lucy Earl currently has over 350,000 subscribers and 12 million views. Read more here




Sexting alert app for parents launched 

An app that can alert parents when a child takes or receives a sexually explicit photograph has been developed. Read more here



Tuesday 25 April 2017



Rebalance the education system to reflect importance of mental health says YoungMinds

With rates of self-harm among pupils skyrocketing, their well-being should be considered as important as academic achievement says the mental health charity. Read more.


Ukip manifesto calls for school-based medical checks for girls at risk of FGM

School leaders respond with outrage to the suggestion that girls who are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) should be forced to undergo school-based medical checks annually and whenever they return from trips overseas. Read more.


‘My wish for the General Election 2017’ – School experts give their view

Education leaders and specialists talk to Schools Week about what issues they would like to see addressed. Read more.


Going hungry in school holidays growing problem for 3m UK children

Too many children have to survive on crisps and energy drinks when school kitchens are closed and the loss of free school meals adds between £30 and £40 per week to parents' outgoings. Read more.


Move over Tom Hardy... Captain America to read CBeebies Bedtime story

Avengers actor Chris Evans to read Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, after Tom Hardy was such a massive hit when he read stories on Mother's Day, New Year's Eve and on Valentine's Day. Read more.



24 April 2017



Parents’ overuse of mobile phones disrupting family life

New survey finds parents' own device use is negatively impacting home life. Read more.


Regular bedtimes help prevent children from becoming overweight

Research highlights the health benefits of maintaining a daily routine at a young age. Read more.


Fake celebrity social media accounts targeting children

Fresh warnings made over accounts that claim to be celebrities. Read more.


Radicalisation cited as top security concern in UK schools

Recent research finds schools do not feel equipped to tackle the threat of radicalisation. Read more.