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Daily memo 25 September - 29 September 2017

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Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  


Friday 29 September



DfE appointment

There’s a new education minister at the Department for Education. Read more.


The end of textbooks?

According to a survey, less than one in 10 teachers set to use textbooks in most lessons by 2020. Read more.


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Listen to the kids

A 14-year-old explains how companies could market to teenagers on social media. Read more.


'Look up from your phones'

Prince Harry urges teens to spend less time on their smartphones and go change the world. Read more.


Carry on educating 

Official figures reveal that almost half of all young people in the UK go on to higher education. Read more.


Shifting priorities

Why are people choosing social media over safety during terror attacks? Read more.



Thursday 28 September


The changing face of the family

There's been a big rise in the number of working mothers. Read more.

Run, hide, tell

Children in schools should be taught what to do in the event of a terror attack, say police. Read more.

Image: Janson G, public domain

Teachers vs robots: teachers win! 

Teaching is likely to grow rather than shrink as automation takes hold of the working world. Read more.

The importance of critical literacy in school

The director of the National Literacy Trust talks about new parliamentary initiative,  the Commission on Fake News and the Teaching of Critical Literacy Skills in Schools, which his organisation is part of. Read more.

Tweet longer

Why Twitter is expanding to 280 characters - even though nobody seems to want it to. Read more.

Pride and Pixels

There is now a Jane Austen online role playing game and it looks amazing. Read more.


Wednesday 27 September

Missing the point

To combat mental health in schools, the discussion should be about education and not social media. Read more.


It's not all bad!

Read this blog on why gaming can actually be a force for good. Read more.


Double trouble?

Twitter is testing out a new feature - 280 character tweets. Read more.


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They know who you fancied last summer

>Ever wanted to know how much data Tinder has on you? One journalist found out just that and the results were alarming. >Read more.


How social media is completely different in China. Read more.



Instagram rolls out improved controls against offensive comments. Read more.



Tuesday 26 September

Tables turn on tech giants?

Is the tide is starting to turn against the world’s tech giants? Read more.

Bin the ban

Does banning children from smartphones miss the point? Read more.

Warning on Sarahaha

Parents warned over anonymous ‘honesty’ feedback apps in new NSPCC report. Read more.

Tackling the issue of scrums in school

Call for schools to ban tackles and scrums in rugby, with warnings that training for teachers in concussion treatment is lacking. Read more.

CAMHS in crisis?

Falling number of NHS child psychiatrists prompts concern. Read more.

Monday 25 September


The empathetic generation

Opinion: We don’t need virtual reality to care about each other’s feelings. Read more.


Disconnect the youth

A school headmistress has reportedly said that mobile phones with internet should be banned to keep kids off smartphones in schools. Read more.


Investing in mental health

A pilot scheme is being launched in schools so that pupils who are showing early signs of anxiety, depression or self-harm will be able to receive specialist help. Read more.


Wish you were here!

Britain's oldest postcard publishers is closing after almost 140 years because of the rise of the selfie. Read more.


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Stepping across the pond

Why British students are heading to America for an elite education. Read more.