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Daily memo 29 August - 1 September 2017


Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...   

Friday 1 September


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Self (un)aware

Many universities don't prepare students for self-employment after graduation, but why is that? Read more.

At capacity

Officials have suggested that a shortage of secondary school places is looming as schools begin to feel the squeeze. Read more.


A new survey has found two out of five young parents have been penalised for requesting flexi-time. Read more.

I <3 the internet

The internet is epic, let's embrace it. Read more.



After a spate high profile of cyber-attacks in the past few months, what can protect us online? Read more.


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Save the D8

It looks like the long awaited iPhone 8 will be unveiled on September 12th. Read more.


Thursday 31 August

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Sit this one out

Ministers have called for examiners to not be able to teach the exams they set students. Read more.


You will sur-thrive

With the new school year just days away, here is an extensive survival guide on how to handle the back to school rigmarole. Read more.


Tech today, trash tomorrow

Don't get too comfy with your gadgets. Here are five reasons why the tech you enjoy might be obsolete within the next few months. Read more.


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Snapchat said it will fact-check with the police on news reported through the app. Read more.


Wednesday 30 August


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Hungry for change

MPs have rallied around to call for new laws to prevent students from lower income households going hungry during the school holidays. Read more


Teaching tips

Here are five difficult questions students ask about mental health, and how teachers can answer them. Read more.


Eye spy with my right...

'Of course parents have a right to spy on their kids.' Read one woman's reasoning for why using child-tracking apps is not a sign of bad parenting. Read more.


Teen's take on cyber-bullying

The harsh new world of teen cyber-bullying, told by the young people who experience it. Read more.


Driving Miss Digi

Only half of Britons think using a digital device while driving is dangerous. Read more.


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Read how you can stop Facebook from revealing every intricate detail about you to the public. Read more.



Tuesday 29 August

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Mentally prepared?

Students will begin university in the coming weeks. But what mental health challenges could they potentially face and how can they overcome them? Read more.



In the wake of last week's GCSE results day, schools which saw a drop in pass rates will be treated sympathetically due to the new grading system. Read more.


Remember the time...

Everyone's favourite social network Facebook has started reminding people of major milestones in their life...ones they didn't even know exisited. Read more.



As the hashtag turned 10 years old last week, one PR guru explains how much power it has and why we should all respect it. Read more.



How can you use the airport and hotel Wi-Fi safely? Read more.


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Snap happy or have you snapped?

Does constantly photographing your life help or hinder it? Read more.