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Daily Memo 30 May-2 June 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...


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Cuts to mental health services leading to worrying behaviour among teens

Young people are resorting to more drastic measures in a bid to seek mental health support. Read more.


Claims that SRE is counterproductive are misled, say campaigners

Lower pregnancy rates should not be used as an excuse to diminish the value high-quality SRE has for young people. Read more.


Digitally savvy pupils using online pranks to humiliate their teachers

An increasing number of teachers are falling victim to online pranks orchestrated by their students. Read more.


Girls who attend private school more likely to have a problem with alcohol and drugs

Study finds that girls from more 'privileged' backgrounds are three times more likely to suffer from a drink or drug problem in later life. Read more.


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Parents lose court appeal over accessing their dead daughter’s Facebook account

Berlin couple were desparate to know whether the girl was being bullied online before her death. Read more.


YouTube bans 'hateful videos'

Inappropriate, hateful or inflammatory videos on the site's advertising network will no longer be able to make money. Read more.



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'One in two' young online gamers bullied

A study carried out by anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label found that 57% of young people had experienced bullying online when playing games. Read more. And read the Parent Info guide on how your child can deal with in-game abuse, written by Ditch The Label's founder.

'We are wasting the huge potential girls have in STEM careers'

If we want more female scientists we need to start engaging budding talents at a much younger age, argues a former lecturer in engineering at the University of the West of England. Read more. And read Parent Info's guide on 'careers your child could enter if they study tech' written by a member of The Stemettes.

Campaigners hit back at claims that sex education is counterproductive

Controversial new study by Nottingham and Sheffield universities, claims to show that government cuts to spending on sex education have accelerated the fall in teen-pregnancy rates. Read more.


Most people oppose letting faith schools select all pupils by religion

Some 67% of Catholics and 79% of Anglicans are against government plans according to a survey commissioned by the Accord Coalition. Read more.


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Harry Potter fan trying to raise money for a 'wizarding pub and inn' in London

The Cauldron pub would use technology and the internet of things, making it an 'interactive laboratory for interesting innovations that mimic the magic described in fantasy books'. Read more.


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Late-night phone use causing mental health problems among teens 

Research finds links between nightly device use and poor mental health. Read more.


Lessons on happiness and wellbeing falling short

Focus on mindfulness and meditation can actually make pupils unhappier, claim experts. Read more.

'Staggeringly high' proportion of teachers threatening to quit

Education Datalab think tank says increasing pressures are driving teachers out of the profession. Read more.

Why we should all take a screen time sabbatical

Feel like you have no free time? Increasing time spent on devices is why, argues one psychologist. Read more.


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This week's app news

From Pokemon to Snapchat, check out this handy roundup on the latest app updates. Read more.