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Daily memo 31 July - 4 August 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...   

Friday 4 August

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Read this opinion piece on the rise of the Insta-mum.


Toying with the story

It looks like Facebook is testing out bringing its stories feature to desktop.

And while you're here, why not check out our parent guide on Facebook stories and live streaming?



Check this video showing young people telling their peers how they can handle being bullied.

Pre-empting prevention 

Schools can be overzealous in reporting radicalisation worries as part of the prevent strategy, according to safeguarding officials. 

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Sharental advisory

We reported yesterday on Ofcom's report finding the nation divided over sharenting. Well, one parent has explained why she felt it was important to stop.


Thursday 3 August

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Sharent or parent?

Parents are split right down the middle on whether they share pics of their kids on social media, according to a new report from Ofcom.


No means no

Teaching consent to children.

School trips halted over terror fears

Pupils are missing out following the recent terrorist attacks in Britain.

Image: Rie H, CC BY 2.0

New concern over 13 Reasons Why

Study links popular Netflix series 13 Reasons Why to a possible increase in suicidal thoughts among viewers.

How Canada became an education super power

The North American country is more than just a charismatic leader with a firm handshake.


Wednesday 2 August

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A little mix

A new DfE study has found that students who attend ethnically mixed schools develop more positive attitudes compared to those who attend segregated schools.

Is excellence the answer?

One teacher says schools need to 'create a culture of excellence' to manage the growing pressure put on staff and pupils.

The life skill of privacy

Along with basic cooking and money management, learning the privacy settings on Facebook are important life skills all children should know.

Not so savvy

Read one interview with a 16-year-old which found children growing up around tech aren't as tech savvy as you may think.


Image: Stefanos Papchristou

Walk this way

One North London shop has turned the footsteps of window shoppers into electricity for its store.


Tuesday 1 August

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Start-ups giving kids a step up

Small businesses that make sophisticated tech-toys are credited for helping both pupils and teachers with their own brand of edtech.

Rage against the machine

Actress Kym Marsh has turned to social media to express her anger at someone impersonating her six-year old daughter on Twitter.

Thinking outside the (lego) box

One boy's genius idea for a lego sculpture has caught the hearts and minds of the internet.

Shared responsibility 

The home secretary Amber Rudd points the finger at Silicon Valley to do more to combat terrorism.


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Eh - Robot

Facebook's venture into artificial intelligence got off to a rocky start when it had to shut down a number of its robots because they started communicating in their own language.



Monday 31 July

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Tracking the favourites

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm takes notice of what kids are watching and makes an interesting discovery.

From battlefield to classroom

It has been reported that the government is hiring former soldiers, sailors and air personnel to teach in bid to plug £90 billion skills gap.

Back to school

The school that teaches parents as well as children. Can lessons for parents help improve pupil results?

Cyber detox

What happens when you ditch social media? Two girls delete their social media accounts and report how it made them feel.


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Choosing the right path

According to the children's commissioner, pupils should be taught in school how to avoid being lured into gangs.