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Daily memo 4 September - 8 September 2017

Image: Jake William Heckey, public domain

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...  

Friday 8 September

Exclusions soar

The number of permanent exclusions in school have risen by up to 300% a year.


Even Ofsted inspectors don't understand the new GCSEs

Ofsted sets up helpline for inspectors so they understand the new GCSEs.


‘New grammar school’ opens

It’s actually an extension of an existing one but 10 miles away. Is this the return of grammar schools by stealth?


Tech terror

Meet the woman who strikes fear into the hearts of internet giants.


Keeping it real 

12 ways to spot if you’re talking to a bot online.


That's magic!

There’s now a Harry Potter interactive eBook available on Kindle.


Thursday 7 September


Image: Public Domain

Selfie insecurity

Does the obligatory ‘back-to-school’ photo compromise children’s privacy?

Fluid fabric

A secondary school has made their uniform gender-neutral.

You're not dying

Don't Google your symptoms! Research has found a lot of anxiety is caused by cyber-chondria.

Image: Public Domain

Love the way you lie

Read this word of warning suggesting that what parents post about their perfect family on Instagram isn't always what it seems.

Toying with the story

No-one is using Facebook stories, so they are letting users use Instagram’s instead.

Dancing to the beat of their own...emoji

Why are Samsung always different to everyone else when it comes to emojis?

Image: Public Domain

Theft of thought

Apparently smartphones are robbing people of their creativity.


Wednesday 6 September


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Think before you speak

Mental health expert says teachers are right to warn parents to watch what they say about body image in front of their children.

Vacancy (not) filled

Leading specialist recruiters say that schools are beginning the term with rising numbers of teacher vacancies.

Student minds

Opinion piece: A recent report states that the number of students disclosing a mental illness when they arrive at university has risen almost fivefold in the past decade. It’s time to change our toxic world.

A force for good or bad?

Opinion piece: I used to think social media was a force for good. Now the evidence says I was wrong.

The game of (school) life

While many books, TV shows and films have used schools as a setting, very few video games take place in and around the classroom. So, why aren’t more videogames set in schools?


Image: Public Domain

A little more conversation, please

Headteachers are blaming the pressures of modern day family life for the rise in four-year-old’s who arrive at school without being able to speak properly.



Tuesday 5 September


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Set to fail

Teaching in classrooms based on ability is harming low ability pupils, according to experts.

Looking for help

Research has found there has been a sharp increase in the number of students seeking help for mental health related issues at university.

Copyright or wrong?

Twitter’s new terms and conditions are not going down well with users.

Online lifeline

Check this opinion piece on how technology has become a lifeline for people who are socially isolated.

Blue Whale warning

Schools in India have started teaching online awareness classes to students in the wake of young people reportedly taking part in the sinister Blue Whale Challenge.


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Abbott abuse

Almost half of all abuse sent to female MPs across social media was sent directly to Diane Abbott in the lead-up to the general election.


Monday 4 September


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Keeping up appearances

A new study has found two-thirds of pupils begin the new academic year worrying about how they look.

Famous faces and their foes

Celebrities have got together to discuss their experiences of being bullied at school.


A third of all sick notes issued by GPs are now for mental health reasons.


Here are 13 exciting new features we're all going to love about the new iPhone operating system, apparently.

Block me if you can...

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan cannot be blocked on Facebook…because too many people dislike the pair.


Image: Public Domain

Tech Teens

It's a story as old as time, but how are smartphones affecting teens? Watch this video to find out.