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Daily Memo 5-9 June 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...

Friday 9 June 2017

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Teachers also impacted by social media 

One teacher outlines the damaging effect social media has upon him, as well as his students, after a GCSE exam. Read more.


10-year-old develops 5 new apps

Yuma Soerianto from Melbourne was the youngest attendee at Apple's conference. He outlines the apps he's created to the BBC's Dave Lee. Read more. 


Latest version of Skype takes heed from major social media platforms

The new app will include features such as stories and group conversations. Read more.


Charity backs major revamp of the SEND system

The National Deaf Children's Society has called for an overhaul in a bid to prevent EHC plans replacing the system entirely. Read more.


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Taking the elderly back in time

And a very sweet story about a group of students who transported pensioners back to their childhood homes through VR. Read more.


Thursday 8 June 2017

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What teenagers do on the internet: an insider's guide

One 17-year-old explains why teenagers are glued to their phones and how teachers can support them to stay safe online. Read more. And read Parent Zone's Social media: a parent's guide.


Student activities to tackle hate speech

With cyberbullying and online hate speech now a part of modern online life, Mark Walker from Sheffield Hallam University outlines ways to tackle potential problems and raise awareness. Read more. And check out Parent Info's Five articles every parent should read about bullying.


How counting on your fingers can make you better at maths

A new study suggests that playing finger games – such as holding up a certain number of fingers – alongside number games such as dominoes boosts youngsters' results in counting and simple arithmetic. Read more.


Facebook Live introduces closed captions for deaf and hard of hearing users

The new function will allow viewers to see automatically generated captions on broadcasts that show up in their news feeds. Read more.



Charlie and Lola creator Lauren Child named children's laureate

In the lead-up to her appointment Child took the opportunity to criticise the pressure on parents to oversee all of their children’s time. Read more.

Wednesday 07 June 2017

Testing times

SATS: Why 'cheating and cramming' mean the answers don't add up at secondary school. Read more.


Travel fears

Some schools are cancelling trips in the wake of the Manchester and London terror attacks. Read more. 




Tuesday 06 June 2017

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Half of teens experience exam stress

Majority of young people have cried due to the increasing pressure of tests, poll finds. Read more.


Apple launch HomePod speaker

The company's new device is bound to be a hot contender for Google and Amazon. Read more.


Will tighter regulation of the internet really help tackle extremism?

Tech and cyber-security experts don't believe that tightening the internet will help reduce the problem of terrorism. Read more.


Ways schools can tackle racism

Interesting blog outlining tactics teachers can adopt to help reduce racist-driven behaviour in the classroom. Read more.


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Apple's new i0S 11

Among many new changes, the company's new operating system will alter the way users can log in to their social media accounts. Read more.


Monday 05 June 2017

Minecraft and Angry Birds used to boost boys in ballet

To encourage a new generation of budding Billy Elliots, the RAD has devised a new sporting plan that involves enlisting assistance from the Marylebone cricket club as well, as dance moves from Angry Birds and Minecraft. Read more.  


Teacher who fled to France with 15-year-old pupil five years ago followed her back on Twitter 

Five years on the Eastbourne schoolgirl who ran off to France with her school teacher Jeremy Forrest talks about her affair to Cosmopolitan magazine. Read more. 


Over half of all support staff have been assaulted by pupils according to survey

Most school support staff have been assaulted by pupils, according to GMB Union survey. Read more

Encrypted messaging app Telegram used to co-ordinate Saturday's London terror attacks 

Islamic State militant group used encrypted messaging app Telegram to claim responsibility for London Bridge attack. Read more