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Daily memo 7 August - 11 August 2017

Welcome to the Parent Zone Daily memo. Here are the stories that have grabbed our attention in education, social care and the digital world...   

Friday 11 August

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Wiping the slate clean

The new exam system means it's impossible to make comparisons with GCSE results from previous years, says chief regulator of Ofqual.


No regrets

A student blogger talks about turning down all their university offers after realising it wasn’t for them.


Misplaced blame?

Opinion piece: it’s time for us to stop paying attention to alarmist attacks on kids’ screen time and instead pay attention to our kids.


11 Snapchat features you didn’t know existed

Get clued up on one of the most popular social media apps.


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Tracking your moves

Facebook lets people see and delete the intimate details it tracks about people’s lives.


Thursday 10 August

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App-solutely done with it

One mother decided to delete all her parenting apps because she believed they fetishised motherhood.

A degree of trepidation

New figures show that the number of pupils planning to go to university is at its lowest in eight years.

Are they over yet?

One parent has asked whether the summer holidays are too long.

A price to pay?

Katie Price has sparked outrage after she posted a photo of her 10-year-old daughter in a full face of make-up on Instagram.

Socialising the network

Read one person's suggestion on how we can all use social media to actually socialise.

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Panic! At the smartphone.

The concerns over young people using smartphones continue, but one person thinks it's time we accept that young people are doing just fine.

Wednesday 9 August

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Photo analysis

A new study claims that the images you post on Instagram say a lot about your mental health.

Sex education: playing catch up

Children as young as five are being excluded for 'sexual misconduct'; incidents include young children watching pornography and sharing indecent images.

Statement art

An artist who accuses Twitter of failing to delete hate speech tweets has taken matters into his own hands.

Generation tech

Opinion piece: The effect of smartphones on millennials.

No more tweets!

According to a recent poll, US voters want Donald Trump to stop tweeting as approval rating remains low.

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What is the dark web?

The encrypted network explained in a 90-second video.


Tuesday 8 August

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Heated debate of the day

Children benefit from taking risks outside.

The world will benefit if they spend more time online, says former boss of GCHQ.

We've done sex, now let's concentrate on relationship education in schools

Schools need to focus on the relationship part of SRE – Natasha Devon’s new column.

Memo to self... Stop writing memos

Google fires employee who wrote the controversial memo about women not being biologically as good as men to work in tech.

YouTube’s child protection mechanism ‘failing’

Some of the company's own watchdogs are worried the system for removing content isn't working.

Are privacy settings fit for purpose?

‘Using a fitness app taught me the scary truth about privacy settings.’

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Breaking up is hard to do

7 Dear John text templates to help you dump your partner nicely.


Monday 7 August

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Stop pulling the wool over their eyes

The chief inspector of Ofsted has criticised schools for shielding pupils from the harsh realities of the world.

All work, no play

Read one teacher’s thoughts on how working during the summer break devalues the profession entirely.

Going the extra mile

With exam results day approaching, here is a parent check list to keep your child's nerves at bay.

Taking back control

A new bill has been announced to give the public more information about how their data is used and even allow them to delete older data.

An unhealthy consumption?

The children’s commissioner has complained that young people are consuming their online time like junk food.

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Kik-ing out the predators

An investigation has found Kik has become the defacto app for child predators.