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DigiDog goes to the National Portrait Gallery

By Catherine Hays, Parent Zone partnerships manager

DigiDog isn't just interested in the online world. He has a cultural side to him as well, so this week, he accompanied me to a planning meeting for the Portrait Gala Committee at the National Portrait Gallery.

The evening began with drinks and the most delicious canapés in the Balcony Gallery on the first floor of the museum, in Central London, a stone’s throw from Trafalgar Square.

Committee members mulled around while looking at the most interesting and beautiful portraits, getting to know one another. The gallery boasts portraits of kings, queens old and new, as well as more modern figures, and is about to host a new exhibition featuring the work of Pablo Picasso. Sadly for DigiDog , we didn't find too many portraits of canines.

We also heard from the Director of the museum, Nicolas Cullinan, about their forthcoming exhibition programme, including the new Coming Home project. 

Everyone was very curious about DigiDog, including Nicolas Cullinan who very proudly had his photograph taken with him in front of a David Hockney painting.

Even old, established institutions and organisation such as the National Portrait Gallery make use of the digital world, with its website offering background information on the work they do and the exhibitions they host as well as providing an easy way to book tickets. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is even running a selfie masterclass in October for teenagers!

As we always say here at Parent Zone - it's good to strike a balance between having fun in the online and the offline worlds.