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DigiDog makes an unlikely friend

Over the weekend, DigiDog checked his emails on his smart-bone and noticed that his friends at St Paul’s and All Hallows’ school had invited him over for a visit.

When he arrived, he was met by their pet CyberCat, who asked DigiDog to pass on his woofs of wisdom on internet safety to her kittens.

DigiDog and CyberCat got on rather well despite their dif-fur-ences, and managed to teach a successful lesson on using the internet in a safe yet enjoyable way. The kittens were taught about passwords, sharing things online and their digital paw-print.

After the session, DigiDog and CyberCat decided they would keep in touch and gave each other their ani-mail addresses.

Overall, CyberCat really enjoyed meeting DigiDog, and was glad to know that her kittens knew how to use the internet in a purr-fectly secure yet fun way. 

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