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DigiDog takes a helicopter ride

Over the weekend, DigiDog’s pal Poodle the Pilot asked whether he’d like to have an exclusive tour of London in her new helicopter.

Although DigiDog is terrier-fied of heights, he thought it’d be a great way to spend the afternoon and catch up on all of Poodle’s news. She picked up DigiDog at lunchtime and soon they were flying over London’s main attractions.

DigiDog was really enjoying himself and loved seeing the city from such a distance. Look, there's the O2, which used to be called the Millenium Bone!

After a while, they flew over Bark-ingham palace, and DigiDog noticed there were lots of pup-arazzi around it and wondered why. He went onto his smart-bone and read that it was the Royal Corgis’ birthday and one of their friends had accidentally shared the location of their secret party on Facebook!

Poodle also noticed the chaos around the palace.

‘Shall we help them?’ said DigiDog.
‘I think we must!’ cried Poodle. ‘Just goes to show what can happen when someone forgets to turn their location off on social media!’

Poodle landed the helicopter safely in the palace gardens where she and DigiDog greeted the corgis.

‘We saw all the ker-fur-ffle down below!’ said Poodle. ‘What’s happened?’

‘One of our friends mistakenly left on the location services on her smart-bone when she entered the palace. When she posted a photo of the party we soon had crowds of cats trying to sneak their way in! We don’t know what to do DigiDog – please help us!’

DigiDog decided to call the Muttropolitan Police who arrived promptly and sent all the cats and journalists home. He then taught everyone how to turn the location feed off on their smart-bones and reminded them to de-activate it before they share photos online.

‘Thank you DigiDog!’ said the Royal corgis. ‘You really are a safe pair of paws when it comes to online safety!’