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DigiDog visits the farmers' market

As you’ll have guessed by now, DigiDog loves experiencing new places and meeting new faces. On Sunday our sociable pooch visited Marylebone farmer’s market to buy some tasty ingredients for his doggy dinner party that evening.

The Hairy Barkers and Paul Hollywoof emailed DigiDog to say they were excited to come over and taste his cooking, so DigiDog was determined to find some delicious foods to impress them with!  

The market had a huge range of different foods and drinks for DigiDog to try. He loved the fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the condiments like jam, chutney and marmalade. After wandering around the market, DigiDog decided to buy some fresh tomatoes, carrots and a jar of strawberry jam.

As you know, DigiDog loves using the digital world to support his experiences in the real world, so after his trip to the market he researched recipes he could cook for his dinner party online. After looking at a few different recipes and their ratings, DigiDog decided to make spaghetti bolognaise and a Victoria sponge cake. He then went on to YouTube to watch some step-by-step videos to help him whilst he prepared and cooked the dishes.

DigiDog’s guests went barking mad for his food! They loved his use of fresh ingredients and asked if he could email them the recipes he found online. Overall, DigiDog was really pleased about how his party went, especially because his online skills helped make his offline event a res-hounding success.

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