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DigiDog visits Leighton Academy

Our primary Digital Schools members love DigiDog. Here's how one school sought his help for one paw-ticularly tricky digi problem

DigiDog does everything he can to support his canine friends with their online problems. 

He knows, however, that to do this paws-itively he must keep up-to-date with the latest trends and information.

In order to do this, DigiDog takes any op-paw-tunity he can to visit a Parent Zone Digital school to learn the latest woofs of wisdom to being safe, smart and savvy online.

So last week he decided to make a special visit to Leighton Academy in Crewe and do just that.

One of the topics that DigiDog really wanted to learn about was how to think critically online. His friend, Danny the Dachshund, recently fell for a fake news story on Face-bark which said that her favourite band The Red Hot Chilli Puppies has split up! After consoling her, DigiDog knew he had to get to work in order to help his fellow canines challenge what they come across online.

As soon as DigiDog arrived, he was invited to a special online safety lesson.

Much to his delight, the pupils at Leighton possessed an ast-hounding amount of knowledge on thinking critically! They said that fact-checking, using reliable sources and recognising wild exaggerations helped them spot fake news that they came across online.

All in all, DigiDog came away with vast amounts of knowledge and ani-mailed his new-found advice to Danny right away.

‘Don’t fret about visiting the internet!’ he said ‘All you need is these tips to prevent you from going mutts again!’

DigiDog’s own advice to the children of Leighton Academy was to remain digitally active for their critical thinking skills to improve, as well as making sure they know who to turn to if they ever come across something they're unsure of online.

After lunch, he bade his fur-wells and said he'd hope to receive another invitation very, very soon!

Find out how DigiDog can help your pupils learn how to stay safe and be confident in the digital world by becoming a Parent Zone Digital Schools member.