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DigiDog's visit to LinkedIn

Our projects manager Catherine visited LinkedIn recently - and took our Digital Schools canine ambassador DigiDog with her. This is what they learned about connecting with other professionals on the social networking platform

DigiDog and I visited Linkedin last week to hear from the company's senior marketing director, Laurence Bret-Stern.

For those not familiar with the service, LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, offering you the chance to upload your profile and tell the world about your career achievements and skills.

You can connect with current and former colleagues, and other professionals in your field or related areas. LinkedIn also offers you the opportunity to post your CV and apply for jobs that are advertised on the site.

The session was offered to help users maximise our networks, secure future positions and employment and offered advice on how to make our profiles the best they can be, using insider Tips & Tricks.

A new feature called SlideShares was presented as a way of developing your professional identity, helping to showcase your projects, ideas and research.

We also learned that LinkedIn has over 40 million students and recent graduates signed up - which is a staggering number!

Tips included:

  • when editing your profile, it’s important that you include your photo as people don’t tend to look at your profile without a photo
  • a well-presented summary in addition to your work experience and examples of work is also important. Enhance it with logos, photos, and other media and you’ll get more attention.
  • recommendations on your work show those who look at your profile that you're valued - and this holds true for endorsements, too.
  • posting articles and comments related to your work is also recommended.
  • we were advised never to try to ‘connect’ to your whole network, and that it’s best to engage with others on a one to one basis. It’s one of those ‘over-sharing’ tips, really.

We had a really good time learning more about developing our online professional identity. Watch out for DigiDog’s next trip…

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