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Digital Families 2019: Wellbeing in a Connected World


“Absolutely brilliant, thought-provoking and cutting edge…”

Teacher — Digital Families 2018

Digital Families 2019 is the digital resilience and wellbeing event of the year. Now in the fifth year, this year’s event has a special focus on Digital Wellbeing - what it means for different people, how we manage it and where we go next...


9 October 2019


Kings Place, King’s Cross, London


Digital Families is ideal for educators, police, health, local government, policy professionals … anyone working with children and families in today’s digital world


What is Digital Families 2019?

Join us at the annual Digital Families conference to explore, discuss and learn about wellbeing in a connected world. Hear from leading experts in this space including mental health specialists, digital resilience leaders and digital wellbeing experts. Take part in an event designed to help professionals, researchers and industry to hear from specialists and join a debate that shapes our children's future.

Our uniquely curated programme includes the latest research, real-world insight and a marketplace of resources to help professionals understand the latest opportunities and challenges, look ahead to emerging trends and be equipped to help families thrive in a connected world.


 £199 plus VAT

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Keynote Speaker — Professor Tanya Byron

Renowned children’s mental health expert and clinical psychologist Prof. Tanya Byron will be Digital Families 2019’s keynote speaker. It's been 10 years since the Byron Review. Tanya's report — Safer Children in a Digital World — made vital recommendations to the government for improving digital wellbeing for children. We're thrilled she'll be sharing her views on how this important topic has evolved since then — and what the next steps are.

More speakers and agenda to be announced soon...


First workshop announced! NCA-CEOP will be exploring harmful sexual behaviour

At Digital Families 2019, NCA-CEOP will use the latest research and intelligence received to explore preventative measures to tackle 'harmful sexual behaviour' (HSB). They will show you the educational resources that can support children and young people to reject negative attitudes and norms and make their way towards a safer future online. HSB can appear in children of any age, both online and off. Identifying and responding to a child’s HSB (either towards themselves, or another child, young person, or adult) is crucial in safeguarding the children that you work with. 


Why should I attend?

Knowledge and confidence

Digital Families 2019 brings together the best and most informed digital wellbeing, resilience and safety insight under one roof. The day is packed with thought-provoking keynotes from world experts, practical workshops, debates and a marketplace of resources.

Be inspired

Stay one step ahead and be informed about all of the emerging tech opportunities and challenges. Previous events have included VR and online safety, Skin Gambling, and AI moderation.


You will leave with practical resources, tools and ideas that you can implement straight away to make a real difference for children and families.

The Digital Families marketplace allows you to pick up new resources, speak to a range of specialist organisations and find the solutions that are best for you and those you support.


Meet with colleagues and others across the UK. Share your expertise and learn from professionals who are tackling these issues from across a range of sectors.

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