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Parent Zone Membership FAQs

What is Parent Zone Membership?

Membership is a service provided by Parent Zone – the experts in digital family life. It tackles the key issues and opportunities facing young people in the digital age, fostering digital resilience in young people.

What is digital resilience?
The UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) Resilience Working Group’s definition is:
‘…the ability to understand when you are at risk online, knowing what to do if anything goes wrong, learning from your experiences of being online, and being able to recover from any difficulties or upsets.’

What does my Membership include?
As a Member, you are given access to a multitude of resources designed to support parents, teachers, family professions and children about how to safely navigate the internet, use new technologies such as apps and games and make them aware of the potential risk that could arise in the digital space.

Who can use Membership?
Your account will have a nominated main contact with Membership access. They can simply log in for access to all the resources.

Who can I contact if I have a question about my Membership?
If you are experiencing problems logging in, have any queries about your Membership or just want to chat about anything, you can get in touch with the Parent Zone team by either sending an email to or by calling 0207 686 7225.

What if our school/organisation’s nominated contact or another user leaves?
Please inform Parent Zone if you move on from your role as the main contact for your school/organisation, and kindly provide alternative contact details. If you have any questions about your Membership, please do not hesitate to contact

I’ve forgotten my Membership login details. What can I do?
If you are experiencing difficulty logging in or if you have forgotten your login details, email the Parent Zone team at or call 0207 686 7225 to sort it out.

How long does my Membership last and how can I renew?
Your can enjoy full access to all the benefits of Membership for one year. To renew the Membership for another year, get in touch with the Parent Zone team by emailing or by calling 0207 686 7225.

What if my school/organisation has been gifted Membership?
If your school/organisation has been gifted Membership, you will have access to all the resources and benefits that are available on the website for one year. For enquiries, tech support and renewals, contact the Parent Zone team by either emailing or by calling 0207 686 7225

What educational resources can I access?
You can find a range of lesson plans, presentations, worksheets, cards and quizzes covering topics such as empathy, safe use of tech, critical thinking and resilience. In addition, there is a full Resilience and Wellbeing curriculum.

What is the Resilience and Wellbeing curriculum?
Parent Zone’s Resilience and Wellbeing curriculum has been designed to boost children and young people's resilience and help them flourish in a digital world. It follows research that highlights the fact that building digital resilience is a more effective way to ensure children stay safer online, and benefit from the opportunities the internet offers. You can find the relevant resouces in the primary schools or secondary school areas.

Where can I find up-to-date school policy templates?
Up-to-date policies templates can be found by entering either the primary schools area or the secondary schools area.

What online training courses are included for staff?
Professionals can access the relevant online training courses by entering either the primary schools area or the secondary schools area. These include the Essential Digital Safeguarding course which contains information on a range of safeguarding topics from sexting law to the Prevent duty. You will also find the course Reaching Parents which is designed to help professionals effectively engage with parents and careers on all the issues amplified by the internet.

What support is there for pupils’ parents?
The Members area has many resources designed for parents to understand what websites, apps and games their children might be using on their spare time as well as resources on how to keep children safe in the digital space. In the folder labelled 'For parents' in the primary schools area and the secondary school area, you can find parent handouts broken down into categories, parent presentations and the Parent Lounge.

What online training courses are included for parents?
The Parent Zone online training courses for parents can be accessed through the Parent Lounge. The resources include the popular Parenting in the Digital Age course which provides insight into what it means to raise children with access to the digital space and the Resilient Families course which focuses on the concept of fostering digital resilience.

What is the ‘Parent Lounge’?
All the parents you work with can have free access to the Parent Lounge, where they can access Parent Zone’s popular online course Parenting in the Digital Age and Resilient Families, plus parent guides which contain information and advice on the most popular apps, games and online services for children. 

Where can I find the latest relevant research and reports?
Parent Zone has published several reports on issues and trends relating to young people which you can access through your Membership.

How else can I stay up to date with what Membership offers?
All Members can opt in to receive regular updates and newsletters on what is new on the site and about new resources as they are made available.

What happens to the data you store on staff registrations?
You can read Parent Zone’s policy on data handling and your rights, in our terms and conditions.