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Digital School of the Year 2018 winners: revealed

We are delighted to announce that Headfield Junior School in Dewsbury, Yorkshire, and Alfriston School in Beaconsfield, Bucks, are the primary and secondary winners of our Digital School of the Year 2018 award. 

Image: Headfield Primary School, Dewsbury

Celebrating schools who have distinguished themselves in managing online safety and promoting resilience, Parent Zone’s annual award recognises those which have stood out in striving for better digital outcomes for their pupils and their families.

Our primary schools winner, Headfield C E (C) Junior School, was selected for its tireless efforts in engaging both students and parents, using new and effective strategies to encourage positive conversations and develop online skills.

Alfriston School in Beaconsfield was awarded for secondary schools, for its continued focus on digital resilience throughout the computing curriculum and beyond. Alfriston students are encouraged to be confident and competent online, giving them a good foundation for building digital resilience. 

The awards will be presented around Safer Internet Day 2018, when many schools up and down the UK will be helping their children and parents to think about improving and safeguarding their digital experience.

Digital Schools Membership offers advice, support and resources to schools in responding to the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.