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Discover Parent Zone’s Family Champions


We all know that the internet can be a force for good. It can help families stay in touch, teach new skills, open up opportunities and generally make family life a little easier. 

Our Family Champions are companies that demonstrate that they care about making the internet work for families. 

They offer a good standard of online safety for younger users, provide clear information and do what they can to make sure that the internet is a place that supports family life.

If you see our Family Champion logo on a product it means that we have thoroughly tested and reviewed it to check it meets our strict criteria for a Parent Zone recommendation.

You can either book an in-depth 'health check' for your product, where we will prepare a report for your own use.

Alternatively, you can request a review, which will be published on the Parent Zone website.

You can read our Family Champion Reviews here.

So what should you expect from a Family Champion?

1) Good child safety features. The internet is just like the real world – it is never going to be risk-free. But a site, product or service that is part of our Family Champion scheme will have thought about children and young people’s needs and done what they can to make it safer.

2) Clear information. The online world can be confusing and we don’t expect our Family Champions to make it worse. We ask them to provide clear terms and conditions and information that mums and dads can read in between cooking the dinner and supervising homework!

3) Easy reporting. Sometimes things go wrong or things happen that you need to report. When you’re worried and need to get in touch with a company, you should be able to do that without spending hours trying to figure out how.

4) Something special. Not every family champion will be delivering an amazing something for families – being reliable, safe and responsive is enough. But going that extra mile to help families in a digital age is the sign of a real champion.

Look out for our Family Champion logo and if you come across a product or service that you think deserves to wear a Family Champion logo, let us know by emailing You can also get in touch to find out more about how your company can get involved. 



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