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Disney+ launches in the UK amid coronavirus lockdown

Disney+ launches in the UK amid coronavirus lockdown

Disney’s long-awaited streaming service Disney+ is now available in the UK and is expected to challenge Netflix and Amazon Prime’s dominance in the video-on-demand landscape.

Users can access everything in the Disney catalogue, from classics such as Snow White and Bambi to newer additions including Coco and Frozen 2. The service will also feature other franchises and trademarks under Disney ownership; the Star Wars and Marvel films and TV shows and the extensive Simpsons catalogue are all expected to be big draws.

With more and more people confined to their homes since the COVID-19 outbreak escalated, streaming services have seen a surge in usage, putting significant strain on the European bandwidth infrastructure. Disney has announced that – as with Netflix – the new service will be running at a lower quality until the situation stabilises.

Disney+ membership costs £5.99 per month – or £59.99 per year – and allows for four users who can be registered on up to 10 different devices. Like its competitors, the streaming service will be available on most smart TVs, through dongles such as the Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromecast, gaming consoles including the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One and, of course, on laptops.

Disney, which is now the world’s largest entertainment company valued at around £181bn, launched the service in the US in November 2019, but had to delay the UK version due to a licensing dispute with Sky about who had the right to show certain Marvel titles.

Parent Zone will be trying out Disney+ over the next few days and will publish a full parent guide soon.


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