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Dove Self-Esteem Project: FAQs

What is the Dove Self-Esteem Project? (DSEP)

Dove has been helping young people build body confidence and self-esteem for over ten years by offering expert resources to pupils, parents and teachers. 

Here is the Dove Self-Esteem Project mission:

‘We are working to ensure that the next generation grows up enjoying a positive relationship with the way they look – helping young people raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential.’

‘We’ve partnered with leading experts in the fields of psychology, health and body image to create a programme of evidence-based resources, including parenting advice to help young people form healthy friendships, overcome body image issues and be their best selves.’


Why is the Dove Self-Esteem Project important?

Parent Zone is delighted to be working with Dove on its acclaimed Self-Esteem Project. The project has already helped over 20 million young people worldwide, encouraging them to feel positive and confident about themselves. Now, the aim is to help millions more.

Young people are under huge pressure to look a certain way. Anxieties over appearance can affect their health, friendships and performance at school. In the UK, 9 in 10* girls with low body-esteem will opt out of fundamental life activities, such as engaging with family and loved ones, sharing their opinion, joining a team or club, or even leaving the house if they don't feel good about the way they look.

* Diedrichs, PC; Atkinson, MJ; Steer, RJ; Garbett, KM; Rumsey, N & Halliwell, E (2015): Effectiveness of a brief school-based body image intervention ‘Dove Confident Me: Single Session’ when delivered by teachers and researchers: Results from a cluster randomised controlled trial.


How do I sign up and will it cost me anything?

Signing up is easy and it’s completely FREE! You need to fill out this form. Please note, once you submit the form, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the resource area. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk or spam folder. If you still haven't received one, please email


I’ve already signed up. Where can I download all the resources?

Please access the resources using the dedicated links sent to you in the confirmation email. There is one link for the one-off Confident Me workshop and a separate link for the five individual workshop sessions. 


What is the Confident Me single session workshop?

If there isn’t time to deliver five sessions at school, teachers can run a one-off body-confidence workshop called Confident Me (single session). Resources include a teacher guide, student presentation and student activity worksheets.

This is a 45-60-minute workshop addressing key topics including media influence, peer pressure and strategies for promoting body image and self-esteem.

Students learn through class discussion, small-group activities, videos and activity worksheets.


What are the five sessions of the Confident Me workshops?

Confident Me is also available as a set of five individual sessions. This goes into more detail than the single session and is suitable for teachers who have the time to deliver more than one workshop to pupils. Each session has a free downloadable teacher guide, student presentation and student activity worksheets. Each session takes around 45-60 minutes.

Session 1: Appearance ideals

Session 2: Media messages

Session 3: Confront comparisons

Session 4: Banish body talk

Session 5: Be the change

You can find out more details about the five sessions and sign up to access the resources here. You will receive a confirmation email with dedicated links to download and access the resources whenever needed.  


Will someone come into our school to deliver the workshop(s)?

No. All the resources and guidance you need is available to help you deliver the workshops in your own school.


Is there evidence that the workshops help boost pupils’ self-esteem?

Yes. The workshops have demonstrated proven benefits in raising pupils’ self-esteem. * The expert resources for teachers and parents are based on comprehensive research, in collaboration with The Centre For Appearance Research (UWE) and evaluated by body image experts. The school resources are accredited by the PSHE Association.

*Diedrichs, PC; Atkinson, MJ; Steer, RJ; Garbett, KM; Rumsey, N & Halliwell, E (2015): Effectiveness of a brief school-based body image intervention ‘Dove Confident Me: Single Session’ when delivered by teachers and researchers: Results from a cluster randomised controlled trial.


What age group are the workshops suitable for?

The workshops teach 11-14-year-old pupils strategies to protect and build self-confidence in themselves and others. Other age groups can also benefit from these resources, but this is the age for optimum results.


How long will each session take?

The single session Confident Me workshop takes around 45-60 minutes in total. The five-session Confident Me workshop takes around 45-60 minutes per session. It could take up to five hours of class time to cover all the sessions.


I don’t have time to run all five sessions at school. Is there another option?

If you are unable to run all five sessions, there is the option of delivering a single-session workshop, covering the topics in less depth. However, if you can deliver all five workshops, deeper student engagement has a bigger, more long-lasting impact on building positive confidence and self-esteem.


What does ‘PSHE-Association accredited’ mean?

This means the resources meet the criteria to receive the PSHE Association’s Quality Mark. The PSHE Association assessment criteria are based on their ten principles of best practice in PSHE education and other research into effective teaching and learning in the subject.


I’ve downloaded all the resources. How do I deliver the workshops at school?

There are a series of films to help you prepare for running the workshops. These Confident Me training videos are available here. Each session also has a teacher guide to help you.


Are there resources that I can pass on to parents?

We recommend downloading and sharing the expert guide for parents called Uniquely Me

The Uniquely Me booklet was written by experts and designed for and by parents. The advice and activities will help parents boost their child’s body confidence.


Who can I contact if I have any questions about the workshop and the resources?

If you have any questions or need some help finding anything, please email