For their future
25 Jan, 2024
2 minute read

For their future

The online world offers enormous opportunities for children and young people. It also poses huge challenges.

Our mission is to help children face the future with confidence. To feel secure, to be resilient and to be media literate.

We believe in building the best online world for young people. We do it by collaborating with those who have the power to change it.

Young person on tablet surrounded by family


Parents really matter

Parenting has a huge impact on outcomes for children. Only poverty is a bigger factor.

We believe parents have great skills and resources. They deserve support to feel confident enough to enjoy parenting in the online world.

We work with teachers and the professionals to whom families turn for advice; with tech companies; and with policymakers.

Together, we find ways to help children make the most of digital technologies. We help them understand how to identify and avoid the risks while encouraging them to be themselves online and be happy.

Graphic illustrating the online world


In little more than a decade, our world has changed beyond recognition

The world is increasingly reliant on digital solutions to solve everyday problems. Opportunities will inevitably have technology woven through them.

Young people will have to be at home in the digital world, without losing sight of their offline values.

Brother and sister pointing to the sky

The children of today need to share and collaborate

They'll need to be generous and social. And they’ll need to do all of it digitally.

To get there, they’ll need the help of their parents.

Digital technologies are here to stay – and we want to see a digital world that offers opportunities for problem-solving. For creativity, for play, for joy.

For simply having a good time.

We believe that’s the digital future that parents want for their children too. Open, adventurous, exciting, better.