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Have a brilliant Summer Ollee-day!

Holidays offer a great opportunity to spend time together – to talk, to share experiences and, sometimes, feelings. 

But these conversations are not always easy – especially if your child finds it hard to explore or express their emotions. 

This is where Ollee comes in. 

What is Ollee?

Ollee is a digital friend for children aged 8-11, created by Parent Zone and funded by BBC Children in Need’s A Million & Me initiative. 

This free online service supports children’s emotional wellbeing – by helping them reflect on how they feel, process experiences, and find ways to talk about it with a parent or carer. 

Ollee offers a safe and supportive digital space with advice on subjects your child may have strong feelings about – including school, family, friends, their body, the internet, and the world. 

Your child can pick a subject they want to talk about, then choose an emotion they are feeling – and why. For example, ‘Something good happened’, ‘I did something naughty’ or ‘I feel lonely’. 

They are then presented with advice about that subject. If you and your child open an account, you can also find and share advice from Ollee with each other. 

Try Ollee today at:

Your Summer Ollee-day!

To help you plan a brilliant summer together – and to support family conversations about feelings – use the Summer Ollee-day wall chart. You can use it together to scribble down all activities your child would like to do. 

You can also use the chart to track how your child is feeling and find ways to open up conversations – with Ollee as your helpful virtual assistant! We hope you have a happy summer!

Download your wallchart






For professionals

You can download a family support pack – including a wallchart, lesson plan, activity sheet and parent letter. Perfect for school summer clubs and other summer childcare spaces.

Discover more resources to support family wellbeing by taking part in our Digital Parenting Week – 11-15 October.

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