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How tech can ruin your Bank Holiday

This is it. Bank Holiday. Three days of bliss away from the office. Your weekend has been planned with the utmost military precision. What could possibly go wrong? Well, here’s a list of 10 ways that tech can throw a right royal spanner in the works.

1) The system upgrade for your children's new PS4 is due to complete in 17 hours – so there’s no chance you can leave the house until then.
2) Both sets of grandparents are on long haul holidays so your Skype chat schedule has you up at 5am on Bank Holiday Monday.
3) The digital detox camping trip has been vetoed by your partner because there’s no Wi-Fi/plug/phone coverage.
4) You’ve sent your teenager to his first festival without a phone charger.
5) You can’t remember the password for your broadband parental controls so your all-day Nordic Noir box set plan is scuppered.
6) You’ve put the address for the weekend cottage you’ve hired into your sat nav and ended up in North Yorkshire instead of Cornwall.
7) Kids playing Pokémon Go keep climbing over your fence because there’s a Pikachu in your garden.
8) You’ve gone away and unplugged the YouView box so all your scheduled recordings won’t happen.
9) Your child has just deleted your mobile boarding pass, seconds before check-in.
10) You dropped your Kindle down the toilet half-way through the new John Grisham.

By Vicki Shotbolt, Gary Crossing and Sophie Linington

Image CC0 Public Domain