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Internet and Children Survey

For our most recent research, we teamed up with Onepoll to ask 1000 UK parents with children aged between 4-16 about how the internet has impacted upon their family lives. The survey took place between 14th - 17th September 2015. 

We wanted to get a better idea of how parents feel about some of the the key issues surrounding digital parenting. For example, we asked parents if they were concerned about their children coming across inappropriate content (q.3);  whether they'd closely monitor what their children were up to online (q.7); and if they think their child spends too much time on digital devices (q.4). 

Editorial director, Geraldine Bedell, used the results from the survey to help inform the The Digital Family Report 2015, which was presented at our Digital Families conference in October 2015. 

For more information, you can download the research survey below.

Infographic above shows some of the key findings from the Digital Family Report 2015, Parent Zone.