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Internet for good – nice things that have happened

The internet has revolutionised the way we live our lives. It can be easy to focus on some of the negatives that have come about from the web but it’s important to remember just how much good the internet has done too.

That’s why Parent Zone's Yusuf Tamanna has put together a list of the different ways the internet has made the world that bit better.


We are who we are

The internet and social media has given people a platform to be proud of who they are, whatever age, shape or size. Instagram user Loeybug (real name Loey Lane) is just one of thousands of people who have used their social media profiles to highlight body positivity and called for an end to body shaming.



Source: Instagram/@loeybug


A new form of fundraising done solely online, crowdfunding has changed the way people raise money for causes that matter to them.  One example of this in action saw a crowdfunding page set up to support families of the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing. In just three days of it going live, it raised over £5 million.


Lost and found

In 2012 Saroo Brierley was finally reunited with his family after going missing 25 years earlier as a child in India. As an adult, he used Google Maps and his memory to trace back his steps to his family’s home and was eventually reunited with his mother and siblings after a quarter of a century away. The story was so remarkable it was turned into the Hollywood film Lion in 2016.

Image: Source: YouTube

Time for change

After 14-year-old Julia Bluhm was tired of seeing images of female models photoshopped in magazines, she started an online petition asking for US magazine Seventeen and other teen magazines to change their practices. After getting thousands of signatures Ann Shoket, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine at the time, listened to Bluhm’s concerns and announced the magazine would have a no-Photoshop policy on all photos of their models going forward.


Eye can see you!

For grandparents living far away or parents unable to see their children every day due to work or family separation, the internet has helped families keep in touch through video messaging so they don’t miss a moment. Apps like Skype and Apple’s FaceTime now mean you can see your friends and family as much as you want, even if you’re not physically there.


In times of need

When Grenfell Tower caught on fire in June 2017 there was an outpouring of support from all parts of the world and endless offers to help. Many people based in London used social media to offer their spare rooms to the victims who had lost everything. Twitter was also used to communicate where to send donations and help with the rescue efforts.

Source: Twitter/@JeremyClarkson

I don’t wanna miss a thing

Gone are the days of rushing home to watch your favourite soap or drama. Now if you miss it when it’s on TV, you can simply go online and watch it back whenever you get the chance. Even better, you can watch brand new shows available online on streaming sites, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.


People found each other

Whether it’s on dating sites or match-making apps or just through happenstance on social media, the internet has helped millions of people find their significant other who have lived happily ever after.