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Introducing #Digiknow

Secondary and senior schools that join our Digital Schools programme will receive #DigiKnow, a resource developed to provide you with an overview of your pupils’ critical thinking skills and understanding when it comes to the online world. It will give you a snapshot of what your pupils know and where their knowledge gaps are. 

It is designed for use with 13-year-olds and those approaching that age, when they can legally sign up to the most popular social media sites, such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

#DigiKnow takes the form of a quiz, and is designed to be delivered in around 20 minutes, fitting into a registration session, tutor time or part of a longer PSHE lesson. The answer presentation can be delivered in a similar timeframe. The quiz and the answers can also take place in one, longer session.

The questions have been developed to test and encourage your pupils’ critical thinking when exploring the online world. Do they believe everything they see and read? Are they aware of the safety implications of some of the spaces they visit?

Follow up material and signposting to teaching resources and parent facing content is provided to enable you to target your online safety teaching and focus on the areas where your pupils need the most support.

The pack provides you with a teacher guide, presentations, question and answer sheets to download, and wristbands for each pupil who has completed the quiz to keep.

You can discover all the benefits of Parent Zone Digital Schools membership here, or to find out more about #DigiKnow, email